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Dalmec Packaging Cartoner
Monday, October 20, 2014Description :
This new solution combines a manipulator with a specific gripping tool to allow the handling, movement and tipping of packing cartons of any size, safely and effortlessly

In order to meet the demands of high production rates demanded by the industrial production lines, this manipulator is equipped with a pneumatic gripper gripper perfectly adapted for gripping, transfer and inclination of cardboard packaging, shapes, Weight and dimensions.

This device allows the operator to perform all its manipulations without any effort, by inclination in cantilever mode with a DALMEC manipulator pneumatic column.

The balancing of the load of the packaging cartons is achieved by the action of a pneumatic cylinder on a lever system. The latter thus amplifies the raising and lowering action which is applied manually by the operator to the gripping tool or directly to the load, according to his desire for operation.

The principle of use is completely based on the balancing of the load which consequently leaves the operator to realize with complete freedom of maneuver all the movements in space,

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