DALMEC presents its latest version 2016 of industrial type pneumatic manipulators

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DALMEC presents its latest version 2016 of industrial type pneumatic manipulators
Monday, July 25, 2016Description :
DALMEC presents its latest version 2016 of partner-type pneumatic industrial manipulators, equipped with a suction gripper, suitable for gripping and handling glass panels of various sizes, dimensions and weights (windows, mirrors, Windows, credences).

With a complete range of manipulators designed to meet every industrial need, Dalmec manipulators allow an ergonomic and efficient iterative manipulation of all kinds of products, whatever their weight, size and bulk, in total safety and Without any effort, for loads ranging from 10 to 1500 kg.

Thus, Dalmec manipulators are today indispensable solutions that contribute to improving the day-to-day working conditions of operators and to increase the productivity in each company, thus promoting optimization of production and improvement of human resources.

The DALMEC Partner, designed for the handling of glass panels, is equipped with pneumatic controls and is equipped with gripping devices adapted to the load and size of the panels to be handled at the production site in the various industrial sectors concerned (building , Construction, glass production, automotive, etc.), for taking, handling, displacing, and inclining at 90 ° loads in perfect weightlessness.

This manipulator is characterized in particular by its great maneuverability and flexibility of use adaptable to any type of work congestion. It is the ideal instrument for handling loads of glass panels in the absence of effort and at all points of the working volume. This solution allows the operator to work without fatigue, with speed and precision, in optimal conditions of ergonomics and safety, in all the points of the work volume, and with completely natural gestures: the operation of Handling becomes precise, fast, while being totally safe and secure!

An adjustable suction gripper
To perfect its handling system for glass panels, the DALMEC manipulator is equipped with a gripping tool adapted to adjustable suction cups, allowing to maneuver glass panels with ease and in complete safety.

Depending on the glass masses to be handled, the DALMEC manipulator may be equipped with a gripping tool fitted with adjustable suction cup systems to assist the operator completely during lifting, transverse, tilting and tilting. Glass panels.

The tool designed to lift and move the glass plates completely integrates the ergonomic constraints of the workstation.

All movements in space are free, and obtained by simple direct action of the operator on the load or on the tool, thus conferring gestures precision and rapidity. The glass plate load is then maneuvered, rotated pneumatically to be moved and positioned towards its storage location. Thus, the operation is very fast and without any physical constraint for the operator.

Pneumatically operated balancing
The balancing of the load is achieved by the action of a pneumatic air cylinder on a lever system.
The actuator amplifies the up and down action which is applied manually by the operator to the gripping tool or directly to the load. The cylinder is powered by two preset circuits: the first balance permanently the gripping tool, and the second balance the different weights of the load. Thus, the manipulations of the panels are carried out with zero effort, ease and precision. The operator knows perfectly all the movements printed on the load he handles.

In order to facilitate its movement by optimizing the various stages of production, the DALMEC manipulator for the handling of glass panels benefits from several solutions of adapted configurations:
. Either on a column fixed to the ground, or on a self-supporting base that can be moved by forklift or pallet truck,
. Either in fixed air mode,
. Or in mobile aerial mode.

A system meeting the requirements of Directive 2006/42 / EC
Highly skilled technicians design equipment that is always at the forefront of technology and whose purpose is to respect the ergonomics of the workstations in which they must integrate. Each project is studied on a case by case basis and meets the requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC and is subject to a scrupulous and systematic risk analysis.

Robust and reliable manufacturing
Particular care is also taken by DALMEC regarding the choice of components that are used in the manufacture of its manipulators. Selected from internationally renowned brands, they are subject to rigorous testing to ensure their efficiency, reliability and safety over time.
Finally, beyond an elegant and modern design, these DALMEC manipulators meet the conditions of high robustness, reliability, maintainability and flexibility of operation, which are obviously the fundamental prospects of all DALMEC innovations.

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