Dräger Safety Parat 5500 Exhaust Hood for breathing protection against harmful gases

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Dräger Safety Parat 5500 Exhaust Hood for breathing protection against harmful gases
Wednesday, August 31, 2016Description :
Available in an aramid fireproof case, this escape hood provides breathing protection for at least 15 minutes against harmful gases, fumes and particles generated by fire.

The high performance combined filter of this hood provides reliable protection against various gases, vapors and toxic particles generated by fire. The CO P2 filter is approved in accordance with EN 403: 2004. This filter also provides tested protection against H2S (at 2500 ppm) according to DIN 58647-7. Moreover, its sealing is ensured by two stoppers which preserve it during its long life.

This protective hood has received special attention in terms of ergonomics and the comfort of wearing the packaging. The exhaust hood is stored in a Holster case that can be carried with a belt, shoulder strap, crocodile clip, or belt clip.

The use of this hood is exceptionally innovative and intuitive: just open for the user to open the Holster case, remove the pocket, put on the hood and leave the danger zone. The case opens easily even when wearing gloves. A clearly visible pictogram illustrates the installation procedure. The useful life of the exhaust hood is eight years. The expiry date is visible on the outside of the pouch. Thanks to the filter caps, the equipment can be used even if the pocket is perforated.

The Holster case that contains the hood can also be connected to the Dräger respirator using the built-in emergency locking belt or approved accessories such as shoulder straps or carabiner. Additional pouches can be ordered separately.

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