Drill bushes push-in DIN 173 - 08920


Drill bushes push-in DIN 173 - 08920
Description :

Drill bushes enable the rapid drilling of workpieces without having to repeatedly measure and mark out the drilling positions. These practical aids, which guide the drill directly into the drilling jig, not only ensure a precise hole pattern, but also ensure that the drill point does not wander off.

In contrast to drilling holes without using a jig – manually guided drilling – the use of drill bushes considerably simplifies the drilling process and achieves significantly cleaner results by specification of a fixed penetration angle. These are some of the reasons why the bushes are used so much in machine construction, automotive engineering and various other industrial fields.


Special steel

Hardened to 780 ±40 HV 10 and ground.
Without lead-in groove.

All bushes have the bore size marked on the upper face, e.g. 10. Diameters D1 over 15 mm increase in size by 0.5 mm.
Supplied with matching retaining pin.

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