Electric pallet truck EXU-H: a pallet truck for productivity ... and the health of STILL

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Electric pallet truck EXU-H: a pallet truck for productivity ... and the health of STILL
Tuesday, April 1, 2008Description :
CRAM has just launched a "pallet-pull" action plan aimed in particular at fighting Musculoskeletal Disorders. In addition to raising awareness among its customers, Sill has proposed a pallet truck in line with this plan of action: the EXU-H

Indeed, the EXU-H, electric pallet truck has an auxiliary lift to bring the pallet to an ergonomic height of 800 mm. Thus, during the shelving, the operator naturally adapts the best posture to take the heavy products (especially fruits, vegetables and liquids) and avoids back pain. The EXU-H in addition to its pallet truck function is also used as a mobile work table and order picking.

The basic lift (initial lift) and the lift for the preparation of controls can be operated separately from the pallet truck's drawbar, which facilitates the placement of the heads of gondolas and other POS.

Powerful and extremely robust, this pallet truck also performs all truck loading / unloading tasks and store / reserve transfers. A folding platform can be added, ideal to avoid unnecessary fatigue of the driver in case of long journeys.

With this new pallet truck, STILL transforms a production tool into a prevention tool!

Reminder of the Pallet Action Plan 2007-2008

A plan was adopted unanimously by the CTND (National Technical Committee of Services, Trade and Food Industries) according to 4 axes:

- The shelving of products delivered on pallets can not be done on the ground. Employees must be able to have high lift electric pallet trucks capable of raising the last level of products stored on the pallet to 80 cm from the ground.

- The manual pallet truck fleet should be strictly reserved for handling pallets not exceeding, even punctually, 360 kg (recommendation R367 of 1993).

- The allocation of the tools of handling by ray, their maintenance and their possible replacements must make possible at any moment the attainment of these minimum objectives.

- Staff training in the use of handling equipment should be systematically given to all employee users.

The EXU-H is designed and manufactured at the STILL factory in Montataire (Oise, France) for the entire European market. STILL Montataire employs 280 people and 76% of the production is exported.

In France STILL employs 1,000 people for a turnover of 299 million euros and has 15 regional divisions throughout the country.

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