Fenwick Introduces New Series of Retractable Forklift Trucks

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Fenwick Introduces New Series of Retractable Forklift Trucks
Friday, February 8, 2008Description :
These new G-Series trolleys combine the advantages of a traditional retractable trolley with a front trolley.

The versatility of the retractable trolley on solid tires opens up new prospects for Fenwick's customers, mainly in the retail, metalworking, beverage vending, materials and logistics industries.

A unique trolley for indoor and outdoor work:

The breakdown of flow between indoor and outdoor applications is the main constraint faced by operators who are required to work in these different environments.

Fenwick's fully loaded soft tire shredders permanently eliminate this flow disruption. Indeed, the trucks of the series G have drive wheels perfectly adapted to the work in interior and the specific constraints of an external environment; They support all types of coverings: flat or irregular floors, dry or wet, with gravel and manholes ... And their higher ground clearance even allows them to cross the ramps.

For outdoor use, the G-Series retractable trucks can also be equipped with a "weatherproof cabin". This will guarantee the operator a great driving comfort, whatever the meteorological conditions.

Optimization of the external storage area:

The G series allows to increase the external storage area. Indeed, this new series of trucks requires aisle widths close to those of the conventional retractables and the residual capacity of these trucks is identical to that of the front trolleys.

Thus, it is now possible to obtain an outdoor storage capacity equivalent to an indoor storage area.

An ever safer and more comfortable driving:

Visibility on the rear of a front can be a hazard for truck unloading, load transfer or storage approaches. The new G series retractable trucks mitigate these visibility problems with a 90 ° off-center driving position that offers an excellent understanding of the working environment.

The new, high-visibility tilting mast also ensures optimal safety, even at high heights thanks to its ingenious alignment of chains and hoses.

Finally, the new motor head suspended on silent-blocks attenuates the shocks and the vibrations felt, for the greatest comfort of the operator.

Performance and reliability of the G series:

The G series retractable trucks take advantage of Fenwick's innovative technologies:

- Leviers Duo®: this exclusive Fenwick is the guarantee of a simple, precise and effortless use of the trolley throughout the day. Placed at the end of the armrest, the Duo® levers are equipped with two ergonomic and proportional controls.

- CanBus architecture: rapid diagnostics via the CanBus plug and direct access to all components of the trolley ensure fast and efficient preventive maintenance. It makes it possible to adjust all the parameters of the truck (acceleration, traction or fork lift speeds, etc.) according to the safety and productivity requirements of each application.

- The Triple brake system: it combines hydraulic braking on the load-bearing wheels, counter-current braking on the engine to reverse the direction of travel and electromagnetic braking on the drive shaft when releasing the pedal d 'acceleration.

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