Fenwick launches E12-E20 EVO electric front trolleys

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Fenwick launches E12-E20 EVO electric front trolleys
Wednesday, June 25, 2014Description :
Available with capacities ranging from 1.2 tons to 2 tons of capacity, these new trolleys benefit from better energy management which guarantees them up to 40% more autonomy.

A new power controller allows the truck to reduce its power consumption by 16 to 28% compared to previous generations while significantly improving its behavior in acceleration phases and mast handling. The result is marked traction and crossing performance.

The truck is now equipped with an active ventilation system of the battery compartment as standard, which allows charging without opening the battery cover. With the new battery discharge indicator in minutes, the operator optimizes and manages its energy while avoiding the risks of deep discharge which penalize the life of the battery.

A one-piece chassis / cab design with tilt rod cylinders coupled with an ultra compact two-wheel traction axle and a unique rear steering axle * make this truck a concentrate of stability and compactness that performs in the most space Craftsmanship.

In order to effectively prevent musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) and provide the best level of vibration absorption, the E12-E20 EVO are offered with a new pneumatic seat with automatic weight adjustment and a wider seat than the previous version, For the comfort of the operator.

Risk prevention is now one of the top priorities of companies. To prevent accidents involving the use of a ramped carriage, the parking brake is automatically activated when the operator descends from the truck and releases itself when it returns to its position, buckles its belt and starts to operate 'accelerator. A simple button allows it to be activated or deactivated when stacking rack loads.

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