Fenwick launches new tractor range

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Fenwick launches new tractor range
Monday, October 6, 2014Description :
This new range is made up of 2 model tractors with 6 and 8 tons traction capacity respectively, as well as a conveyor with a platform capable of receiving a load of 800 kg.

With this expanded range of 3 models, Fenwick now offers industrialists, logisticians, railway carriers, ... trolleys with new equipment that can safely transport trailers carrying up to 8 tonnes of load over large distances, In workshops, warehouses or to connect several sites.

The advantages of this new range are many:

A common driving position combining ergonomics and safety

- The operator's space is spacious.

- The two non-slip access steps allow the operator to get in and out of the trolley more easily.

- The controls are placed around the steering wheel for ease of driving.

- The seat is fully adjustable to the driver's morphology with pneumatic and mechanical suspension that limits vibration.

- A multifunction display allows the operator to view all the parameters of the truck and to check its performance and the energy of its equipment: Eco Mode *, horameter, real time consumption, lights, direction ...

- The profiles of modular cabins are tapered for optimal visibility and especially to facilitate the connection to the trailers.

Four independent braking systems, effective in all situations, all environments, secure the driver and his load

- Automatic parking brake: The driver stops his tractor even on a slope and leaves the cab, the parking brake is activated automatically ("electromagnetic" brake).

- Release brake of the pedal: releasing the accelerator pedal immediately activates a braking action.

- New Fenwick slope starting system: example on a 3/4% gradient, when the operator accelerates, the tractor does not retreat despite the load.

- Automatic adjustment of the brakes: the braking power automatically adjusts itself to the environment (slope, descent, flat ground ...).

More performance with ever more safety to accompany steering

- With the Curve Assist option, the speed is reduced automatically according to the steering angle of the tractor, in order to prevent the trolley from tilting.

Increased traction capacity, easy and safe maintenance

- A new asynchronous, waterproof and maintenance-free engine is fitted to the new range of tractors and conveyors. The new power module of 4.5kW (against 3.2kW on the old version) allows the tractor to travel up to 20km / h.

- A new, simplified side-to-side battery change device reduces effort, standard equipment for new trucks.

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