For quality clothing, construction workers choose MEWA

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For quality clothing, construction workers choose MEWA
Friday, July 18, 2014Description :
Anyone working on a construction site must be able to count on flawless equipment, regardless of the weather. For this reason, building professionals choose MEWA. With its varied and complete range, the textile service provider meets the various needs of this sector: it offers a wide selection of work clothes, protective clothing but also personal protective items ranging from gloves to shoes of security.
The clothing lines IDEAL and TWINSTAR offer clothing suitable for construction workers. They provide maximum comfort and freedom of movement, and also feature many practical details, such as laptop pockets, pens and other tools. Thanks to breathable fabric, adjustable waistband, sleeve cuffs and pleats in the back (for jackets), these items are ideally suited for work on site.
The IDEAL collection is made up of suits, jackets, overalls, pants, shirts and jackets that can be combined at will. The TWINSTAR two-color line also includes vests. Finally, the two MEWA IDEAL and TWINSTAR collections can be completed or enhanced by the wide range of MEWA Basics products, including multicolored T-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts and shirts.
With IDEAL PROTECT and TWINSTAR PROTECT, MEWA also offers protective clothing suitable for welding professionals, as well as complementary products: safety shoes, protective clothing for the head and face, resistant gloves and knee pads Ergonomics. These items can be ordered directly from the catalog.
MEWA Textil-Management distinguishes itself by a reliable and punctual service. According to the agreed rhythm, the working clothes are recovered, washed, subjected to a quality control and then returned directly to the customer.

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