Harness Unyc® Vest by Frénéhard & Michaux, safe and comfortable personal fall protection equipment

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Harness Unyc® Vest by Frénéhard & Michaux, safe and comfortable personal fall protection equipment
Thursday, September 11, 2014Description :
The safety of men first and foremost
The world of work, as well as the regulatory texts governing its safety, evolves every day. Falls in height are specially targeted as the main cause of accidents in the construction industry. Equipping its teams and equipping themselves with reliable, certified equipment, the manufacture of which is traceable, is essential for the craftsmen working in height (roofers, sealers, facades ...).

Historical accompanist of work at height

Created in 1889, Frénéhard & Michaux offers the widest range of standardized "Made in France" anchors and individual protection on site. Frénéhard & Michaux has become the unavoidable actor of fall arrest protection with the constant concern to be as close as possible to the demands of the users. Today, under the Unyc® brand, Frénéhard & Michaux presents new personal protection equipment.

The new Unyc® waistcoat, safe and comfortable
Sure, the new Uyc® waistcoat features two attachment points (sternal and back) for safe use regardless of the type of operation. The very location of the metal fasteners and straps is designed to return all efforts to the glutes, thus relieving the back and spine.
Comfortable, this new harness slips like a waistcoat and features adjustable thigh and shoulder straps. It adapts to all body shapes and also adapts to the use of thick clothing during the winter thanks to a system of double closing at the front and lateral pressures. The vest is detachable for washing and features several handy pockets: a phone pocket and two self-gripping pockets for optimal working comfort.

Kit Easyfit Unyc® all the individual protection in a bag.

Frénéhard & Michaux offers a ready-to-use kit that includes:

- 1 harness waistcoat

- 1 rope of 10 meters stranded with non-removable fall arrest

- 2 steel snap hooks

- 1 storage bag

This kit is a practical and ideal solution for sewers, carpenters / roofers, maintenance personnel and slope operators.

Focus on the new Unyc® harness

- Harness two points of attachment, dorsal and sternal.

- Adjustment to all the morphologies thanks to the double closing

- Numerous pockets, one for the mobile phone
Complies with NFEN 361-2012

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