Honeywell launches first fiberglass-free gauge 13 to withstand grade 5 cuts

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Honeywell launches first fiberglass-free gauge 13 to withstand grade 5 cuts
Thursday, May 7, 2015Description :
Honeywell announces the release of the world's first nitrile-free, fiberglass-free glove, offering the highest level of cut resistance (level 5) in accordance with EN 388: 2003, the industry standard For protective gloves against mechanical hazards.
Designed from state-of-the-art materials, Perfect Cutting® Diamond gloves offer effective protection against the usual cuts risk for professionals working in areas such as automotive, aerospace, construction or manufacturing glass.
"Thanks to the integration of Dyneema® Diamond technology, the new Perfect Cutting® Diamond gloves announce a radical change in hand protection, and have been distinguished in practical tests carried out by our customers," explains Stéphanie Quilliet , Product manager at Honeywell Safety Products in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. "Perfect Cutting® Diamond gloves not only offer a level 5 cuts resistant, but they also provide maximum ease and comfort while not containing glass fibers that can often irritate the skin and cause allergies such as Contact dermatitis ".
 The nitrile-hardened coating on the palm and fingers of Perfect Cutting® Diamond gloves offers greater durability and improves grip and handling of protruding parts in dry or greasy environments. The tight gauge material 13 used in these gloves is eight times thinner than nylon and twice as thin as high-performance polyethylene aramid fibers, which are very common in other gloves, making them extremely comfortable, lightweight and comfortable. High breathability.
Perfect Cutting® Diamond gloves also offer superior level 4 tear and abrasion resistance in accordance with EN 388: 2003. When combined with Level 5 cut resistance, the result is one Glove of incomparable quality for professionals exposed to the risks of cuts handling for example metal plates or salient objects.

Perfect Cutting® Diamond gloves are available in sizes 6 to 11.

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