Honeywell launches innovative ventilated outfit, certified atex

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Honeywell launches innovative ventilated outfit, certified atex
Sunday, May 1, 2016Description :
Hapichem ™ is a new anti-static and chemical-resistant protective suit designed to protect people working in potentially explosive or electrostatic hazardous atmospheres

Manufactured in a chemical-resistant material (CHEM) with a high protection factor (FP> 50,000), this protective suit is a reliable barrier against highly active pharmaceutical ingredients (HAPI). In addition, it is ATEX-certified in accordance with the requirements of the European Union for the use of protective clothing in explosive atmospheres.

This new ventilated outfit meets the needs of staff who handle chemical or hazardous chemicals and who require both wear and respiratory protection while ensuring a comfortable working environment.

When respiratory, body, antistatic and chemical protection is required, workers should normally be equipped with three different elements: a ventilated hood, an unventilated, high chemical resistance, and antistatic over-boots. Hapichem brings all these components together in one piece of personal protective equipment, saving money while ensuring maximum protection. In addition, this halogen-free combination can be incinerated after use.

This disposable garment is fully compliant with EN 14605 / A1: 2009 (protective clothing against chemical spraying), EN 1073? 1: 1998 (protective clothing against radioactive contamination) and EN 1149? 5: 2008: Antistatic (electrostatic protection when properly grounded).

Especially designed for low pressure breathing air networks, the low air consumption of the outfit allows the same air network to connect more operators. Its patented rear Y-shaped ventilation allows users to sit or work in the kneeling position.

Its coating, visor and waterproof seams with high chemical and mechanical strength, as well as its dual zipper and patented exhalation magnetic valve reduce the risk of contamination, while an orange safety strip on the side offers An intuitive emergency solution in anticipation of a possible air defect in the outfit.

Other features include the patented exhalation valve, which adapts the performance to decontamination showers and limits the risk of clogging caused by plugs. In addition, a front closure makes it possible to slip and remove the outfit without requiring outside help.

The polyester visor has excellent optical characteristics providing a wide field of view and increased resistance to hazardous chemical agents. Disposable handles allow to adapt the size and type of the gloves to the user's hands as well as the chemical risks.

The outfit also offers three types of soles - standard, non-slip and dissipative - designed to fit different work environments.

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