Honeywell launches Söll® BodyControl, a new generation of fall arrest devices

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Honeywell launches Söll® BodyControl, a new generation of fall arrest devices
Monday, July 4, 2016Description :
Honeywell (NYSE: HON) launches Söll® BodyControl, a new generation of Fall Arrest devices for Söll GlideLoc guide rails, offering both effective protection against the risk of falling back and increased comfort for workers on ladders or guide rails . The new Söll BodyControl slides are fully compliant with the most recent standards (EN 353-1: 2014 UE personal protective equipment for fall protection - fall arresters) and are ideally suited for people working in the telecommunications, utilities, Industry.

"For those responsible for the safety of these various sectors, the guarantee of protection against the risk of falling backwards with the possibility of a late shutdown or in a head-down position is an essential priority. Workers want maximum safety when using ladders or vertical guide rails without having to give up their comfort, "said Konrad Soergel, product manager for fall protection at Honeywell Industrial Safety for the region EMEA. "The new Söll BodyControl slides are designed to meet these needs. These are the only mobile fall arresters currently on the market that guarantee a quick stop while adapting perfectly to different climbing / lowering habits, whether the body position is backward or near the ladder. "

Thanks to its innovative design, Söll BodyControl ensures an effective stop in the event of a fall both backwards and downwards. As a result, it prevents workers from stopping late or rotating up and down and protecting them from the risk of serious injury.
Designed for comfort, the Söll BodyControl range is offered with several mounting options that adapt to different working environments and climbing habits. Söll BodyControl I has a sternum attachment designed for comfortable climbing closer to the ladder for better safety in the event of a fall due to a quick stop. It is also the ideal solution for confined spaces, holes and crinoline ladders. Söll BodyControl II is ideal for workers who feel more comfortable when ascending / descending with the body back. This slide offers two mooring points, a sternal and a ventral. The ventral attachment makes the climb more comfortable as it allows you to lean backwards. The sternum strap ensures safety under all circumstances, even to the rear.

For greater comfort, the front rollers of the slide move on a suspended axle in order to ensure in all circumstances a fluid sliding of the device, in particular during passage of the junctions, thus limiting the worker's effort. In addition, the ergonomic carabiner - designed to meet all international requirements - is wide and easy to handle, even with gloves.

Other features include increased durability due to wider and stronger polymer rollers, which means they are twice as long as traditional rollers. The body of the slider has also been modified and covers 80% of the energy absorber, reducing impacts and limiting maintenance costs. In addition, Söll BodyControl also has a visual drop indicator which facilitates inspection before use.
Söll BodyControl fall arresters are certified to work with users weighing 40 to 140 kg on vertical ladders and rails with an inclination of -10 ° to + 15 °.

In combination with the Miller Revolution harnesses, Söll BodyControl fall arrest devices are designed to provide the best fall arrest solution, ensuring comfort and safety for workers. Söll BodyControl I fits perfectly to the sternal bands of the Revolution R5 harness, while the Söll BodyControl II is perfectly suited for the sternal loops and the D-ring of the Revolution R6 harness.

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