Honeywell Millenia ® 2G Goggles for Greater Eye and Cheek Protection

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Honeywell Millenia ® 2G Goggles for Greater Eye and Cheek Protection
Sunday, October 12, 2014Description :
Today, Honeywell has launched its new generation of Millennia protective eyewear. Under the name of Millennia® 2G, this product offers users a stylish new design combined with the comfort and protection of the current Millennia range.
The glasses are ready to be worn, allowing users to focus on their task without having to adjust or move parts. The Millennia® 2G range is designed primarily for workers in the oil, gas, manufacturing, medical and construction industries.
"We have let our customers guide us in designing Millennia® 2G glasses," said Christine Mello-Blonay, Product Manager for Honeywell Safety Products. "Thanks to our attentive listening to the needs of the workers, we have developed a new style that responds precisely to their need for simplicity (without adjustable parts), ensuring an equally comfortable and secure fit, protection of the upper eyes and Cheeks, and wider peripheral visibility. With their new sporty style, Millennia® 2G glasses provide eye protection that can talk to users while protecting them. "
The Millennia® 2G has a wrap-around lens to protect the upper part of the eyes and cheeks from particles, dust and impact. A rim has been placed towards the upper part of the frame, along the eyebrows, for better protection against the passing of dust particles. These goggles offer an incomparable field of view for excellent peripheral vision, and the sporty, modern-style mount meets the user's needs. They are comfortable throughout the day thanks to the pads that prevent them from sliding for a secure hold and with their soft and flexible materials integrated in the frame and the temples
The glasses are available with black frames and six shades of glass, including neutral, gray, HDL yellow, silver in / out, IR 3 and IR 5, to meet various lighting requirements. The exterior is extremely scratch resistant (K marking for all references) and the inside is coated with an excellent antifog (marked with an N, ref: 10 32179, 1032181 & 1032180). Certified to EN166 standards, the dielectric design of Millennia® 2G glasses allows them to be used safely in electrified environments.

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