Honeywell Partners with World Day for Safety and Health at Work

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Honeywell Partners with World Day for Safety and Health at Work
Saturday, May 2, 2015Description :
Honeywell, the world's largest provider of personal protective equipment (PPE) solutions from head to toe, is joining collective reflection on World Health and Safety Day, Hui.

Act No. 91-1414 of December 1991 amended the French Labor Code and the French Public Health Code with a view to promoting the prevention of occupational hazards and transcribing European directives on occupational safety and health . For the first time, the law imposed a specific prevention policy for each institution.
It has transformed the way in which workers' safety is perceived and managed in France and has led to a reduction in the level of accidents and injuries in the workplace. Unfortunately, safety rules are not always applied.
How can companies go beyond these barriers and build a culture of safety, and what support is there to help them achieve that goal?
Honeywell SafetyProducts, through its observation of the functioning of companies, identified four keys to developing a culture of sustainable safety: first, the provision of adapted equipment, followed by training and leadership, Ie to inspire good behavior, to communicate and to set the right objectives and finally the techniques of analysis and collection of the data, as well as their follow-up. Born out of this reflection, the company offers concrete means so that those responsible for safety in companies ensure that accidents at work are avoided at all costs.
For example, Honeywell Safety Products is committed to providing personal protective equipment that is easy to use, comfortable and particularly designed and adapted to the risks encountered, such as safety footwear designed specifically for the specific environments on which workers work. But it is also necessary to ensure that the equipment is replaced in time, which is made possible, for example, thanks to the wear indicators present on the flanges. Prevention of falls at the height is also a priority in the development of solutions by the company which designs harnesses developed on the basis of thorough studies of user needs and rigorous field trials, to improve by For example the speed of installation and the great freedom of movement once worn.
Honeywell SafetyProducts is also able to offer very specific safety solutions for extremely demanding environments such as its range of products dedicated to nuclear power - ventilated suits, respiratory masks or protective gloves. The products ensure the safety of workers in the four key sectors of the nuclear industry: production, maintenance, fuel management and dismantling.
Honeywell Safety Products is committed to training professionals in the fight against hearing loss that affects many occupations in an imperceptible but irreversible way. The best way to protect hearing from hazardous exposure to noise is to systematically use hearing protectors in noisy environments, and it is through explanations and demonstrations by hearing Systematic wearing of noise-canceling headphones or earplugs can fit into the habits of users.

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