Hörmann: when the industrial gate becomes an energy transition model

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Hörmann: when the industrial gate becomes an energy transition model
Thursday, July 28, 2016Description :
Hörmann is a European leader in the manufacture of doors, door frames, door frames and engines for industrial, commercial and residential applications and is constantly working to provide efficient solutions for industrial, logistics, distribution.

As always, Hörmann considers each of its solutions in terms of technical know-how and energy efficiency. Industrial doors, yes, but for isolated buildings, proven ease of use and perfectly controlled energy expenditure. Overview of the latest innovations Hörmann Industrie ...

Sectional Doors SPU 67 and APU 67: Energy Excellence
The new sectional doors Hörmann SPU 67 and APU 67, which complement the 42 mm thick industrial sectional doors, improve the thermal insulation of a building by up to 55% thanks to a ThermoFrame The thickness of their decks (67 mm aprons injected with PU foam) and the absence of thermal bridges.

Hörmann offers the agri-food and cold chain professionals a genuine energy innovation to meet the current demands of sustainable development (RT 2012) and energy savings. Indeed, seals placed on the sides and in the top part of the door avoid any loss of energy which makes it possible to obtain a significant improvement in the insulation coefficient and generates a high thermal insulation with a coefficient U going Up to 0.51W / (m².K) for a door of 5,000 mm x 5,000 mm.

In addition to energy efficiency, operators of commercial buildings must ensure the safety of their personnel. According to EN 13241-1, the doors must stop automatically in the presence of persons or objects underneath them and release only a small amount of energy in case of contact or even avoid contact before leaving to the top. In fact, Hörmann industrial sectional doors incorporate a standard photocell as an external seal or a photoelectric barrier integrated in the frame, optopalpers solutions which immobilize and then reopen the door before any contact with a possible obstacle.

Finally, in order to avoid unnecessary energy loss during a pedestrian crossing, Hörmann can equip each of its sectional doors with a flat threshold gate equipped with thermally breakable profiles. The SPU door with ThermoFrame and wicket door thus maintains a U value of maximum 0.75 W / (m2.K).

HS 7030 PU door: speed and energy performance
The Hörmann HS 7030 PU high-speed roller door adapts to all requirements and constraints of professionals. Equipped with a safety light barrier system, the lightning-fast HS 7030 PU (up to 2.5 m per second in opening and 0.5 m / sec in closing) secures the closing zone Optimally by combining a contactless automatic shut-off system with a radio-controlled anti-crash system.
This rugged industrial door model also benefits from a frictionless opening and closing system: the sections are guided in a spiral bracket, which improves the speed of action and limits mechanical wear.

The Hörmann HS 7030 PU door consists of sections of galvanized and lacquered steel panels, their double wall is injected with rigid foam, for reinforced insulation - Ud coefficient of 1.95 W / (m².K) for panels 42 mm; Value of 0.33 W / (m².K) in 67 mm thickness and up to 0.24 W / (m².K) for cold applications in 100 mm thickness. Finally, the roll-up door HS 7030 PU, which can also be mounted on the outside, is also equipped with a safety light barrier directly integrated into the frame and delivered in Ral 9006 white aluminum.

The Hörmann HS 7030 PU is used in numerous references to industrial sites, logistics buildings and other bases and agri-food warehouses.

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