Igus extends its robolink modular system for industrial automation at any price

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Igus extends its robolink modular system for industrial automation at any price
Wednesday, July 6, 2016Description :
Economical 6-axis robots thanks to a new reducer
Elliptical in polymers

Robolink stands for simplicity, modularity, low
Weight and interesting price. This modular system of polymer components
Robotics at any price, igus has further expanded it and
New products during the Hanover Trade Fair, the new
Line configurator via a complete robot arm. The
Robots can thus build robots that are economical and
Users, automate simple tasks.

The robolink D modular system
Igus allows users to compose
Particularly robust individual robotics. The different
Joints, which are driven at the axis directly by a
Motor, are available in different sizes. Igus has further expanded its offer
And presented in Hanover new components for design latitude
Even greater. It is thus possible to combine engines and
Joints of different sizes with the current commands to create a
Robot with 6 axes complete and economical plastic and aluminum, for example
To move a 3 kg load using a Beckhoff command

New reducer for lighter arms

The new elliptical reducer robolink, a novelty
Can, for example, be used very easily as the sixth axis
Of a robot arm, that is to say as a movable radial link between the arm and
A clamp. Very light and efficient, it is offered by igus in two sizes, in
As such or combined with a Nema17 or Nema23 stepper motor. "The
The reducer has the advantage of having no functional play and
Precise adjustment with great regularity, "explains Didier Ribault,
Responsible for the robotics line at igus France. "It is also very
Compact and has a high gear ratio. "The gearbox consists of a
Outer toothed crown as well as a toothed inner crown at the
Flexible and very resistant to wear, made of iglidur high performance polymer.

Quick and easy configuration with the new online tool

In Hannover, igus presented a complete 6-axis arm with
Reducers. Worm gears for new gear ratios 1:30
And 1:70 of the robolink D series are also made of materials
Iglidur polymers comparable. For these, igus also
Variant of motor and articulation not coupled. An aluminum profile connects
The two components, which results in a better distribution of the weight on
The axis and consequently by a greater transportable load. The new
Universal gripper adapter allows to fix different clamps on the
Robolink joints D. A new online configurator completes the
Robolink D modular system. Users will be able to
Composing their robolink D joints and thus to configure

From 243 euros per axis

Modularity and plastic make it possible to
Cost-effective automation solutions. The robolink joint
Engine is on sale from 243 euros for ordering a single unit.
Motors, encoders, wiring and other accessories are available as an option.
Igus also delivers mounted arms; Of the reducers alone in series are
Available to robot manufacturers.

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