Interroll launches a new range of modules for the transi

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Interroll launches a new range of modules for the transi
Sunday, October 12, 2014Description :
At the Manutention Show, from 17 to 20 November 2014, Interroll will present this new range of automation modules for intralogistics, which will offer in particular a flexible and adaptable design

By launching its new range of modules, Interroll responds to the growing flow of goods and demands that will accompany Industry 4.0. .

The main element of the new range is a robust, modular system that incorporates the various key elements of a complete conveying solution, which can be assembled easily to form the complete cargo solution that will ensure high- System. The modules will mostly be pre-assembled, to simplify installation on site. Guide supports will be independently adjustable, the pitch of the rollers will also be easily adjustable, the supports can accommodate the wiring paths and universally designed spaces can accommodate accessories such as photoelectric cells. All this will make the installation even easier.

The modules will be available in three standard widths (420, 620 and 840 millimeters) for delivery within a short period of time. Other nominal widths will be available, as variants to ensure that the system can be easily adjusted to meet the specific requirements of the industrial user. Interroll also offers an extremely user-friendly configuration tool to simplify and simulate the drawing of projects. The new "Interroll Layouter" configuration software gives system builders and integrators the opportunity to assemble, calculate and simulate an optimized handling solution to meet the demand of their customers.

Because it is based on open standards, the new range of Interroll is also an investment in the test of time.

The modules that make up this new range are therefore compatible with previous generation Interroll modules; So customers can easily extend or adapt their existing systems by simply integrating the new modules. This also ensures full flexibility for existing customers.

The new system was subjected to the toughest endurance tests and performance tests for 10,000 hours to ensure that these modules meet Interroll's standard quality standards. Customers can therefore feel confident when they install their system, and in the long term, the excellent performance of our solutions will only reinforce their choice.

Some features of the new range:

    A common denominator: the assumed choice of an all-electric 24V and 400V solution

    Roller conveyors employ two different drive technologies. On the one hand, the 24-volt solutions can be used to control a zone-to-zone conveyor and, on the other hand, a 400-volt drive and a flat belt for continuous conveyor drive. A 24-volt activator can control all Interroll control cards, thus optimizing a conveyor without pressure build-up.

    HPD (High Performance Divert) Module: Based on a swivel rail underneath the conveyor, this module is a real innovation for high-speed transfer and ejection modules. It is powered by 24 volts; However a 400 volt version is also available. The flexibility of the HPD element is its greatest advantage. It offers great flexibility in positioning. Very simply the positioning in the heart of the conveyor is done thanks to 4 screws. Moreover, it is designed in the form of 120 mm cassettes, which can be added one behind the other depending on the type of product to be transported. It allows speeds of up to 3600 units per hour. And the angle of transfer is adjusted to the degree ready between 0 and 90 °.

    The 90 ° transfer module offers flexibility that intralogistics requires: on-the-fly transfer without interrupting the flow, replacement of the transfer bands of the module very quickly, very simply the positioning at the heart of the conveyor is still done thanks to With 4 screws. Its extreme robustness thanks to its simple and proven mechanism makes it an easy to maintain module in working order.

    Construction of curved modules adapted to your needs: The "Belt Curve Light" version for small product conveying, is supplied with 24 volts, it allows a Zone to Zone conveyance. The 24 volt version by RollerDrives and pressureless accumulation. Or the continuous conveying by the 400 volt drive, without accumulation function. These variants are also available for straight conveyors. The side guides can accommodate additional accessories needed for proper operation of the solution. These modules are designed to carry loads up to 50 Kilos.

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