JBT Corporation AGV Systems Self-Contained Handling and Logistics Carts

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JBT Corporation AGV Systems Self-Contained Handling and Logistics Carts
Saturday, June 7, 2014Description :
The AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicles) market, vehicles with automatic driverless guidance, is steadily increasing. These vehicles are used in all sectors of activity: logistics, agri-food, automotive, pharmacy, industries ... They have become a major element in the optimization of available space and offer a rapid return on investment.

As proof, Ford (Michigan - USA) ordered AGVs from John Bean Technologies Corporation for more than seven million euros. This order demonstrates the strength of Ford's commitment to JBT technology and its in-depth understanding of AGV's contribution to its bottom line.

This new order increases the number of existing plants and allows the integration of these AGVs into new production areas that Ford did not use in the automatic distribution of materials. AGVs will mainly be used to move pallets, reels, racks, trolleys and containers. The commissioning of the AGVs at Ford is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2014. The growth of the AGV market has led JBT Corporation to develop a commercial strategy in France in order to better meet automation requirements.

JBT provides responses tailored to each customer's needs in terms of load transfer, storage, order preparation, loading / unloading, thanks to the AGVs they design and manufacture. They are simple, innovative, flexible and ergonomic solutions that perfectly fit all applications. JBT Corporation has developed the range of laser-guided compact automatic trolleys: ATLIS ATVs. They are intended for all sectors and perfectly coexist with pedestrians.

Compact, with a width of less than 80 cm, these AGVs work in all areas of the warehouse, even in the smallest areas. They also evolve securely between the equipment, to supply the lines from the shops, transfer the finished products to the storage areas, without requiring reserved areas. JBT Corporation has developed this range to meet the ever-increasing demand of customers who are looking for small, stand-alone devices and the implementation of JBT AGVs is very simple as they do not require infrastructure work, Modification of soils.

The JVT AGVs are operated by the SGV Manager system, which can operate in total autonomy or interface with all ERP and WMS. The SGV Manager manages and assigns missions, controls traffic and interactions along the route: conveyors, stackers, doors, montecharges, signaling ... The software is even able to group all AGVs in fallback zones In the event of a fire alarm. Because the success of automation of flows is based on good traffic management and traffic rules. Nothing is useful to have a successful AGV trolley if the software that manages it is not sufficiently intelligent and intuitive to adapt to the different situations encountered in the warehouse.

JBT Corporation therefore offers a comprehensive management software that manages flows and operates AGVs in a smooth manner: the SGV Manager 3000 software suite consists of Layout Wizard software and SGV Manager. Layout Wizard = upstream flow management. This tool allows to create and modify the trajectories of the AGVs. It creates the AGV road map in the warehouse, assists in the choice of the route, defines the places of poses or deposits and stops to be made.

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