Jungheinrich expands its range of handling tractors

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Jungheinrich expands its range of handling tractors
Sunday, June 8, 2014Description :
In addition to the EZS 570 tractor already available, Jungheinrich is launching two new models of the 5 series on the market, the EZS 580 and the EZS 590. They can tow loads of 8 000 and 9 000 kg.

The new Jungheinrich tractors are equipped with a 48 V motor of the current generation of asynchronous motors. At the same time, an efficient harmonization between the motor and the inverter ensures high efficiency, enabling the tractor to be energy efficient despite heavy loads.

The coupling of several trailers makes it possible to adapt the loading surface as necessary, which makes it possible to increase the flexibility and the efficiency of the transport of loads. The hitch is clearly visible to the operator, even when seated. A semi-automatic unlocking (option) allows to couple the trailers without it being necessary for the driver to leave his seat. The EZS series trucks can be equipped with different coupling models, allowing them to be adapted to almost any trailer.

Jungheinrich Series 5 tractors are equipped with an electric service brake as standard. It is triggered automatically when the operator stops the tractor. At start-up, the service brake is automatically released.

The new EZS 580 and 590 tractors have the same ergonomic features as the already successful EZS 570. A chassis-integrated step provides easy access and descent. A comfortable seating position, ample legroom and chassis suspension for a higher load not only make driving easier but also safer, faster and more efficient.

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