Jungheinrich launches a complete trailer train system

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Jungheinrich launches a complete trailer train system
Friday, June 20, 2014Description :
These trailers make it possible to simultaneously process several transport orders, alleviate production processes and guarantee a reliable supply line safety

Two types of handling trailers are proposed by Jungheinrich:

    GTP Trailer

Jungheinrich's GTP trailer is a gantry trailer that can carry loads up to 1.6 tons. These trailers made of high-quality steel sheet are equipped with gantries without cross-beams so that the operator can have an unobstructed view of the whole train of trailers.

The loading and unloading of trailers equipped with 2000 mm high gantry cranes is simple and ergonomic. The load to be removed is slipped under the gantry, stopped and lifted by pressing a button. For unloading, the load can be lowered and then slipped under the gantry. The design of the Jungheinrich GTP trailer allows lateral loading and unloading of the trailer regardless of the direction of the trailer hitch.

    GTE Trailer

The E-shaped GTE trailer carries loads up to 1.2 tons. The E-shape only allows loading and unloading on one side. However, since these trailers can be coupled in both directions, loading of the trailer train is also possible on both sides.

This trailer is equipped with a platform to raise or lower the load. The user can choose between a mechanical, hydraulic or electric lift. For loading, the load placed on a trolley is slid into the trailer, lifted and locked

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