Jungheinrich launches a new version of hydrostatic transmission trucks

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Jungheinrich launches a new version of hydrostatic transmission trucks
Saturday, November 8, 2014Description :
The control system of this new generation of trolleys increases the energy efficiency which makes it possible to achieve exceptional yields with an extremely low consumption.
Numerous improvements accompany these new trolleys

=> New variable displacement pump: improved energy efficiency up to 20%
In addition to the aesthetic improvements, a new variable displacement pump replaces the fixed displacement pump that was previously used in the 4s series. "The pump provides the amount of oil required for the hydraulic system," says Scheithauer. An improvement in the energy efficiency of the lift and the hydraulic functions, which can be up to 20%. "Bosch Rexroth is the supplier of variable displacement pump and wheel motors. The control system achieves this exceptional efficiency and low consumption.

=> A reduction in costs, and low emissions of pollutants
Not only does the diesel engine, which is equipped with a particulate filter as standard, meets European environmental standards, but it also contributes, like other innovations, to an improvement in the energy efficiency of trucks. "Consumption decreases by about 8% on average for the entire series," says Scheithauer. "It saves fuel, reduces CO2 emissions and contributes to protecting the environment."

=> A new compact pole: improved visibility up to 85%
In addition, the Jungheinrich 3s and 4s series thermal trolleys are equipped with a new, more compact mast. The field of view is broadened by the compact assembly of the mast sections, the optimized hose arrangement and the two openings in the cross-member.
The design of the driver's cab ensures excellent visibility of the load and the tips of the fork arms. The safety-glass roof window without transom makes it possible to have an unobstructed view upwards for the storage and retrieval operations. The upper edge of the counterweight ensures a clear view towards the rear.

=> Safe construction: lower center of gravity and better stability
Jungheinrich heaters with hydrostatic transmission offer a high degree of safety on a daily basis. Their low center of gravity guarantees excellent stability. The stability of the truck mainly depends on the specific design of the counterweight and the top anchorage of the rear axle. Any additional electronic program is thus superfluous. This principle has been applied since 2004 on the forklift trucks designed by Jungheinrich.

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