Jungheinrich launches new hydrostatic transmission trolley

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Jungheinrich launches new hydrostatic transmission trolley
Tuesday, March 4, 2008Description :
This ultra-high-tech silent truck consumes significantly less energy and is also particularly environmentally friendly due to its low emissions.

This new thermal trolley type VFG 425-435s is capable of carrying loads up to 3500 kg, with a maximum lifting height of 7.5 m. The main parts of this new trolley are the Volkswagen engines available in Diesel (DFG) and Gas (TFG) versions. The hydraulic pumps and wheel motors are supplied by Bosch Rexroth and the system is totally controlled by software developed by Jungheinrich.

The engine speed is automatically increased during operation of the hydraulic functions. Hydraulic movements and operations are carried out directly, precisely and effortlessly thanks to hydrostatic transmission.

At the touch of a button, the operator can choose between 5 predefined driving programs, from the "energy saving" mode to the "maximum efficiency" mode for a flexible adjustment of the truck to its application.

The hydrostatic transmission uses only a few mechanical components and is therefore easy to maintain and reduced. By using the Volkswagen engines, Jungheinrich offers its range of forklift trucks advantages previously reserved for the automotive industry. The new trolleys are very quiet and consume much less energy. They are also less polluting.

This charito VFG 425-435s offers a high degree of safety in daily operations thanks to the specific design of the counterweight and the "high mounted safety" axis, the trolley has a low center of gravity And therefore of excellent stability. An additional electronic stabilization program proves to be superfluous.

Jungheinrich offers various optional safety packages for its hydrostatic, in addition to the standard elements. Access Control, for example, is a system that unlocks the truck only after a defined sequence of actions by the operator (seating and seat belt engaging).

The Drive Control is based on the active safety system Curve Control, successfully installed by Jungheinrich on its electric trolleys for almost 8 years. There, the travel speed in the bends is reduced both as a function of the steering angle and the lift height.

The generous and ergonomic design of the Jungheinrich VFG 425-435s workstation offers not only comfort and relaxed displacement may also high efficiency. With or without cab, the truck is considerably quieter than converters of the same category. Human vibrations are minimized by double decoupling of the chassis, engine and driver's cab.

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