Jungheinrich presents a new trolley prototype dubbed "Concept 08"


Jungheinrich presents a new trolley prototype dubbed "Concept 08"
Monday, June 23, 2008Description :
This new prototype trolley called "Concept '08" is a powered electric pallet truck with a totally innovative energy storage and transmission concept.

This new, completely innovative pallet truck is equipped with lithium-ion batteries coupled with a direct transmission for an energy efficiency even higher than that obtained with Jungheinrich's current three-phase asynchronous motor.

The new battery technology will also allow a more compact construction and therefore totally innovative trolley concepts as well as improved ergonomics.

Operational elements designed ergonomically for both directions of travel, controlled by a fingertip, ensure fatigue-free handling of the truck. Thanks to the integration of the transmissions under the low platform, the operator will "float" with the trolley instead of following it or mounting it. A silent chassis, on air cushions, is at the origin of this totally new sensation.

The very efficient direct transmission is a new development of the asynchronous three-phase motor technology, which is already very efficient and respectful of the environment, currently used on almost all Jungheinrich electric trucks.

The use of lithium-ion batteries ensures that significantly less energy is used - from storage to consumption - which will make a decisive contribution to the fight against global warming.

This much more sparing use of energy is made possible by a new approach to its storage. Considering the charging or discharging characteristics, lithium-ion batteries show a significant improvement in performance compared to conventional lead-acid batteries. They last at least twice as long and require no maintenance. With about one third of the volume and one quarter of the weight of a conventional battery, they are considerably more compact and lightweight. This will ultimately lead to a significant reduction in the weight of the trolley.

Unlike lead batteries, the capacity of the lithium-ion battery can be virtually 100% used. Finding yourself flat is virtually impossible with its management system. Its speed is another asset. A full recharge will take only one hour. In many cases, a battery change is unnecessary.

The Concept '08 is distinguished by its direct transmission, in other words by motors synchronous to the couple amplified with powerful magnets, constantly stimulated. Thanks to the direct transmission, the clutches will become useless, resulting in an additional increase in efficiency without forgetting a considerable reduction in noise.

Thanks to this new battery technology, the '08 Concept is really compact. With a total length of 1,765 mm (with a fork length of 1,150 mm), it is shorter by about 630 mm than the similar electric pallet truck.

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