Konecranes offers a variety of versatile forklifts for harbors

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Konecranes offers a variety of versatile forklifts for harbors
Monday, May 11, 2015Description :
Konecranes offers a wide range of overhead cranes, forklifts and services to increase harbor productivity. Subject to numerous and very stringent requirements, ports, terminals, cargo stations and waterways require individual and efficient solutions to meet the needs of their transport and handling operations. With many years of experience in this field, Konecranes develops and manufactures high-performance customized overhead traveling cranes and powerful and robust forklifts. The company offers its customers significant advantages, as well as maintenance and repair services that help to increase the availability and longevity of their cranes and lifting equipment.
Konecranes' range of products for port activities covers a wide range of equipment, including port gantries, components and powerful forklifts. The company also offers maintenance services for all types of lifting equipment and cranes, as well as machine tools. Based on a closely interlinked maintenance network and close proximity to its customers, Konecranes guarantees fast intervention and efficient routing processes.
RTG portals, synonymous with increased productivity
Thanks to more efficient routing solutions, it is possible to guarantee better productivity - as evidenced by the Konecranes gantry cranes (RTGs) used in container handling. RTG gantries are not only meant to meet the usual performance requirements, but also offer many innovative features in standard models that enhance both productivity and equipment reliability while maintenance. Depending on the needs and the current business plan, RTG gantries offer all the necessary transmission functions, whether they take the form of a simple hybrid diesel-electric or pure electric motor.
Impressive performance without hydraulics: Konecranes RTG gantry cranes do not require any hydraulic system to advance, control swing or position the spreader accurately. Such an advantage increases the reliability of the equipment, but also reduces periods of inactivity, maintenance costs and spare parts - and is all the more valuable given the extreme conditions Know the ports.
 Goliath, a giant crane serving shipyards
 While Konecranes is a leading global supplier of all types of container handling cranes, Konecranes also offers cranes to shipyards for the handling of bulk cargo. Goliath portal giants for shipyards, gantry cranes and other cranes handling bulk handling impress with their impressive size and performance. Goliath, the largest portal port in the world made by Konecranes for a Brazilian shipyard is a prime example. Its dimensions and performance speak for themselves: a wingspan of 210 meters, a height of 117 meters and a lifting capacity of 2,000 tons. Here's how Konecranes, with unprecedented dimensions, increases the productivity of operations.
Robust and environmentally friendly
The forklift trucks proposed by Konecranes used in ports, terminals and freight stations clearly show that even stackers are capable of being very productive and efficient in port operations. Our range includes container stackers, special handling stackers, stackers, but also forklift trucks for freight ships. Our range of stackers includes stackers for empty and full containers with lifting capacity between 8 and 45 tonnes, as well as forklift trucks capable of lifting between 10 and 65 tonnes. Stacking trucks have been designed to handle loads between 10 and 80 tons efficiently.
Konecranes aims to remain at the forefront of the world's largest suppliers of stackers due to its future orientation and sustainability. Just look at the forklift trucks / forklift trucks with a lifting capacity of 45 tonnes for container handling. The world's first stacker with a hybrid diesel / electric engine, an electric hydraulic grip and an energy tank, reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by at least 30 percent.
A performance service for transparent and efficient processes
Assuming that maintenance is not an end in itself but one of the most important criteria to enhance the efficiency and productivity of the routing operations at its customers' site, Konecranes proposes, Through its global maintenance network, specialized maintenance and modernization services to all cranes and equipment, regardless of their brand.
In this context, it is therefore important that the use and consumption data of the latter are transparent. These can be obtained when the equipment is associated with Konecranes service offerings such as RopeQ cable condition inspection, RailQ track inspection, CRS reliability analysis Reliability of the crane) or that it uses the TRUCONNECT remote services. Used in maintenance and repair operations, these service offerings from Konecranes help to enhance both the availability and durability of cranes and lifting equipment.
For example, TRUCONNECT can monitor the use of powerful forklifts on-line: the data provided include information on fuel consumption, as well as the duration, the routes used or the weights of the different trucks Moved containers. Thanks to TRUCONNECT, it is also possible to manage operations more efficiently and thus save time and money. This service also makes it possible to increase the availability, safety and durability of stackers and stacker trucks.

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