LEMAX vacuum mini-pump: economical in all but COVAL performance

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LEMAX vacuum mini-pump: economical in all but COVAL performance
Wednesday, June 12, 2013Description :
After the launch of the LEM in 2009, a new generation vacuum module integrating all functions of the vacuum pump into a compact footprint, COVAL takes another step with the LEMAX. Emphasis is placed on this novelty, on energy saving through constant control and regulation.

AIR SAVING CONTROL (ASC) technology at the heart of LEMAX

With this new mini-pump, the key word is energy saving. Indeed the LEMAX integrates for the first time the technology ASC (AIR SAVING CONTROL). It generates an energy saving between 60 and 97% depending on the application.

The ASC acts to limit energy consumption at two levels:

• Air is only consumed to create a vacuum and allow the workpiece to be gripped and moved. Once the adjusted vacuum level is reached, a valve closes, allowing the workpiece to be maintained without any energy expenditure. If the vacuum level drops, an air return is generated until it returns to the initial value.

• CSA analyzes the application and adapts to waterproof or porous parts to optimize operation and energy consumption.

The LEMAX also benefits from all the technological advances of COVAL:

Modularity: LEMAX adjusts to the needs of the integrator and the user. It is available in 6 configurations: three standard nozzle diameters (1, 1.2, 1.4 mm) allowing a suction flow of 29 to 70 Nl / min (max. Vacuum 90%).

It can be equipped with a solenoid valve normally closed (NC) or normally open (NO). This variant is recommended for applications where the safety of the workpiece must be ensured imperatively during an unexpected electrical break, even in the event of a leak (positive safety).

Fields of employment

COVAL recommends the use of LEMAX for the gripping of waterproof parts in the following materials: glass - plastic - coated wood - sheet metal ...

The industries concerned are: Packaging - Robotics? Plastics

Applications: Clamping, transfer.

LEMAX, what makes the difference

• ASC technology: reduction of energy consumption from 60 to 97%

• Integrated regulation: reduced energy consumption, consumption and noise level

• Small footprint: mounting near suction cups for improved efficiency

• Set time: 2 times faster than multi-stage technology

• Anti-clogging: Thanks to the standard muffler, no maintenance

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