Lifting slings


Lifting slings
Description :

The lifting slings correspond to DIN EN 1492-1. The are made of high-strength polyester straps. The sling surface is also impregnated with polyurethane to make it abrasion-proof. The working load limit (WLL) and the cord tonnage (tonne capacity per cord) are either woven into or printed on the sling. The safety label with the CE mark and technical data is firmly sewn to the sling.
The colour of the sling corresponds to the colour code scheme for load capacities of textile type slings.
The lifting slings have high UV resistance and low moisture absorption.
Safety factor 7:1

Example: WLL 1000kg = break load 7000kg.

These lifting slings carry the CE mark according to the European machinery directive.

The stated WLL applies to a vertical lift. By a basket lift the WLL is doubled.



Two layer. Fully reinforced end loops both sides, tapered to half the band width.

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