Markem Imaje 9450 E ink jet printer for cables, tubes and profiles

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Markem Imaje 9450 E ink jet printer for cables, tubes and profiles
Friday, August 21, 2015Description :
Offered by Markem Imaje, this new 9450 E inkjet printer meets the productivity, contrast and grip requirements of cable, tube and profile manufacturers.

Equipped with a new generation ink circuit and an optimized print head, the 9450 E printer from Markem-Imaje saves time and money. It can print up to 3,000 km of cables without cleaning the printhead. Compared to other products in the same category and with equivalent resolution, the 9450 E prints 20% faster: up to 1000 m / min for small diameter products such as optical fiber or cable bundles.

The consumption of inks and additives are optimized with an additive use which can go down to 3 ml / h at 20 ° C. and ink gains of 20%. Sealed cartridges are replaced seamlessly without stopping production and without risk of errors: the printer checks the reference and the expiration date of the cartridge inserted.

This inkjet printer works with a range of formulated and tested inks to achieve strong contrast and grip, including on dark, hard-to-mark substrates. Thanks to these inks, all types of materials can be coded: PVC, LSZH, PP and even PE. Available in black, white, blue, yellow, orange, red and green, these inks are suitable for different applications: fast-drying inks, non-migrating inks, UV resistant inks, automotive fluids, water, friction, To vulcanization.

The operator interface of the new 9450 E has industry-specific functions. It offers 5 different metric modes, from the most basic (repeating one meter every meter) to the most complex (interleaving different messages, choosing the distance between messages). There is also an adjustment function to ensure maximum marking position accuracy, even at high speed (2 mm tolerance).

Finally, it is possible to print text (up to 5 lines), barcodes, logos and symbols, in DIN mode or in chimney mode, with character heights between 1 and 11 mm in Different alphabets.

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