Mechanical position switch plastic housing


Mechanical position switch plastic housing
Description :

The position switches are used for position detection and position monitoring of moving parts on machines and systems. All position switches have forced break NC contacts in accordance with IEC 60947-5-1.

Complete position switch in compact design. The plastic housing is equipped with a hinged and captive housing cover. The cover can be flipped opened with a screwdriver and closed again without tools. An M20x1.5 aperture is provided to pass the cables through. The cables are connected with screw terminals.

The position switch is equipped with a thrust pin actuator. Depending on the approach situation, this can be replaced by another actuator as required.


Housing fibreglass reinforced plastic.
Contacts (electrical) silver.
Thrust pin plastic (Drive type B acc. to EN 50047).

Technical data:

Mounting position: arbitrary.

Service life: 20 years.Mechanical life: 10,000,000 operating cycles.

NC contact forced break: acc. to EN 60947-5-1.
Forced break force: >40 N.

Conditional rated short-circuit current acc. to EN 60947-5-1: 400 A.

Utilisation category acc. to IEC/EN60947-5-1:
AC15: 240 V / 3 A.
DC13: 24 V / 3 A.

Temperature range:
-30 °C to +80 °C.

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