New Features for SMARTON, the Konecranes Industrial Crane

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New Features for SMARTON, the Konecranes Industrial Crane
Monday, May 18, 2015Description :
Konecranes SMARTON® is a high-capacity crane designed to meet the most demanding assembly and maintenance processes and operations. SMARTON is able to lift between 6.3 and 250 tons with a single winch and it raises up to 500 tons with two winches. It is accompanied by a wide range of speeds and a range of operating classes oscillating from M3 to M8.

Today Konecranes has redesigned the contours of the SMARTON bridge.

This revised and corrected crane has been designed to make handling operations safer, smoother and more efficient. The latest improvements mainly concern the user interface used by the bridge operators and the maintenance services of our customers.

Top-level user experience

The new SMARTON is equipped with a tablet that can be mounted on the remote control or in the operator's cab. Thanks to this tablet, the operator can maneuver more easily and increase his productivity by providing him with information about the crane and the operations in progress with which he can adjust the crane. The tablet can optionally display the views taken by the camera for greater security and better maneuverability of loads.

Easier maintenance

During maintenance operations, the tablet provides valuable information about the condition of the crane and potential failures. The service technician can consult the condition of the crane in real time without having to climb on his service platform. Thanks to its wireless operation, the tablet offers even greater flexibility.

"SMARTON comes with Smart features and TRUCONNECT remote services to further enhance the safety and productivity of our customer lifting operations," said Tero Jaakkola, Product Manager. "With SMARTON, it has never been easier to offer tailored solutions to customers who want to take advantage of the benefits that only the latest technology can provide, and for whom security and total cost of ownership are priority. With SMARTON as a flag bearer, our clients, whose operations require advanced technology, can finally acquire it. "

Adaptable to all your needs whatever they are

Introduced on the market in 2009, SMARTON cranes have already sold in 48 countries. While the crane is mainly used in the paper, automotive, energy and steel industries, it is also used in the manufacturing and mining sectors. Insofar as customers' needs vary considerably according to their sector of activity and the country in which they operate, it is not surprising that they clearly demonstrate their need for a highly versatile product.

Modular and scalable

In its basic format, SMARTON is equipped with many features that will benefit your production processes. Even in cases where the maneuverability requirements are more complex, SMARTON is able to multiply the intelligence of the crane with Smart features.

Intelligence begins here

The use of the latest Smart features, such as ANTI-ACCRO PREVENTION, HOOK CENTERING and ACTIVE BALANCE CONTROL, improves speed, accuracy and safety.

The latest Smart Features

• ACTIVE BALANCING CONTROL limits the swing of the load by controlling the acceleration and deceleration of the bridge and the truck. This function allows the load to be transported more quickly and positioned more precisely. This feature helps protect the load, the crane and the surrounding area.

• HOOK CENTER is designed to eliminate lateral traction during grip by automatically positioning the bridge and carriage directly under the load. This function reduces wear on the crane parts, shortens the cycle time and simplifies operation.

• ANTI ACCRO PREVENTION is designed to immobilize the crane immediately if the hook, sling or load catches something. This safety function reduces risk situations, particularly when moving loads, and helps to protect the loads, the crane bridge and the neighboring area.

"Through the intelligence of its features and services, SMARTON demonstrates the preeminence of Konecranes' technology for the lifting equipment industry and will enhance the efficiency and safety of the production process," notes Thomas Descamps , Director for North Africa and Central Africa.

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