New line of honeywell safety helmets for safe and comfortable protection

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New line of honeywell safety helmets for safe and comfortable protection
Saturday, November 15, 2014Description :
Honeywell today launched a new line of customizable security headsets. Designed exclusively with an ABS ribbed hull, Peak helmets offer a high level of resistance to impacts and chemicals and can withstand high or low temperatures. These characteristics make them ideally suited to a wide range of industries such as oil and gas, chemical, construction, utilities and manufacturing.
"Having observed the behaviors and being interviewed with a number of workers wearing protective helmets in extreme environments, we found that there was a need for products that were not only extremely resistant but also comfortable," said Christine Mello-Blonay, Product Manager, Honeywell SafetyProducts EMEAI. "After considering different materials, we have designed an external ABS ribbed hull for our new line of Peak helmets that offer excellent resistance to impacts and chemicals and is designed to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from + 50 ° C At -30 ° C ".
In addition to their external ABS shell, the helmets of this new range offer a number of qualities making them more comfortable throughout the day, thus encouraging the worker to wear it without any problem. Moreover, the presence of a gutter protects it against the rain. These helmets are also available with various adjustment devices, either by snap-fastening or rack-and-pinion, which follow the natural shape of the head to create a firm yet comfortable fit.
The possibility of using helmets of the Peak range with other EPI is also ensured by the presence of slots allowing to fix different facial screens and noise-proof shells. Other features include suspension of the headband, which can be adjusted in height from 52 to 62 cm, a replaceable sweatband and padding.
The aesthetic aspect has not been forgotten since the four helmets of the new Peak range are available in nine colors. For companies that want to add their logo or customize their protective helmets, Honeywell offers high-definition topography services using a high durability and abrasion resistant ink.
The helmets of the new Peak range are also certified to the requirements of EN397 / 1995 (for industrial safety helmets) and EN50365 / 2002 (for electrically insulated helmets used in low voltage installations) .

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