"Performance IIIS" tracked aerial platform from Hinowa

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"Performance IIIS" tracked aerial platform from Hinowa
Monday, February 4, 2013Description :
Hinowa S.p.A is pleased to present the two new tracked aerial models of the new series PERFORMANCE IIIS: Lightlift 17.75 and Lightlift 20.10.

The main novelty of the new PERFORMANCE IIIS series is the large load capacity of 230 kg in the basket, keeping the ratio of useful weight / weight of the machine extremely safe.

The useful range of 230kg in the basket can be used over the entire work surface and makes the machine very versatile, at the same time the 17/20 meters of height that can be reached make the PERFORMANCE IIIS models ideal for Rental of all Europe.

Thanks to the pantographic system, an excellent vertical trajectory is obtained which makes it possible to work with wire of the wall with an extreme simplicity and precision. The new PERFORMANCE hydraulic system is equipped with the latest generation of components to accelerate and optimize working movements.

Different engines available:

-Honda Igx440 with automatic engine revolution control for maximum efficiency, reduced emissions and consumptions

-Diesel Hatz with HD system Autorev with automatic accelerator for maximum working comfort

AC 110-230V motor for use indoors or in places that require silence

-Hinowa lithium Ion system with 48V 90Ah lithium battery pack for situations that require silence, no gaseous emissions and no external electrical connections.

The structural robustezze for a long time is checked directly with the R & d Hinowa by special cyclic tests.

The fiberglass rings without fat feeders guarantee a perpetual life without having to be lubricated by saving time and costs in the medium term.

The model Lightlift 17.75 is equipped with the innovative traction system Auto2Speed ??allows to join an optimal speed of translation of 3.5 Km / h to move quickly from one place to another.

The Lightlift 20.10 has a triple traction system and a max. Speed ??of 3.0 km / h.

In addition, thanks to tilt control, the machine decelerates automatically in extreme conditions, to any advantage of safety for the operator.

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