Pilz presents its products and systems for safety applications with robots

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Pilz presents its products and systems for safety applications with robots
Saturday, June 7, 2014Description :
At the Automatica 2014 show, Pilz, the supplier of complete safety automation systems, offers services and products and systems for safety applications with robots. Among all the solutions available today, Pilz presents, together with the Fraunhofer IFF Institute, how human safety will be assured in the near future using tactile sensors.
"The effectiveness of applications with robots increases as men and machines can work more closely together. At the same time, this increases the security requirements. As a result, each application requires its own security expertise, "explains Thomas Pilz, managing partner of Pilz GmbH & Co. KG. In order to detect the required level of safety, the complete safety function must be taken into account, from sensors to actuators, including logic. All these factors must also be harmonized and coordinated in order to guarantee the safety of an application with robots.
 One of the strengths of Pilz at Automatica 2014 (03.06.2014 - 06.06.2014, Munich) is its service offering for security with robots: the company assists users with a range of services from Services adapted to the different life stages of a robot system: from process analysis to CE marking, risk assessment included. A special offer of trainings on the subject of safety with robots completes the offer of services.
 In Munich, Pilz has on the one hand components and systems for the safe realization of men / robot applications. Safety control systems and safety sensors are included. This is the case, for example, with the SafetyEYE 3D camera system, where the work areas where men and machines work, are safely monitored even without moving guards.

 On the other hand, the automation company highlights new methods that demonstrate how men and robots in the near future can work together even more closely and with even greater security. In Munich, Pilz provides information for the first time on the research partnership with the Fraunhofer IFF Institute in Magdeburg. The partnership places research in the field of tactile sensor systems in the forefront for the safe detection of maintenance robot collisions. At the Salon Automatica, Pilz is presenting a prototype for industrial use.

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