Precia Molen unveils the latest developments in its industrial weighing systems: the I410 programmable terminal

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Precia Molen unveils the latest developments in its industrial weighing systems: the I410 programmable terminal
Wednesday, June 18, 2014Description :
As a specialist in industrial and commercial weighing, PRECIA MOLEN is already at the origin of the acclaimed range of I400 weighing indicators and has responded to this success by proposing a new version whose scope has expanded. Offering more ergonomics and features, the I410 is already a must for industrial weighing.


 More than just a weight indicator, the I410 is a true programmable terminal that integrates a variety of business applications, and can meet many needs while remaining accessible and intuitive.

The I410 offers an improved user interface, including a more readable display with new backlight technology, and an alphanumeric keypad. PRECIA MOLEN is now present in more than 140 countries around the world: the introduction of two new fonts (Farsi and Cyrillic) will enable more operators to work in their mother tongue.


The I410 now relies on a 32-bit processor that is more powerful and faster, and therefore more efficient when used in complex processes such as metering and dynamic weighing


Finally, the I410 integrates new software applications, which greatly increase the field of action of the terminal: management of the weighbridges (via a new table box) and counting.


Designed to integrate with any industrial process


The role of the I410 indicator is to ensure that the weighing application runs, involving management, control and control of the various transmitters and peripherals connected to it. The I410, like its eldest, is designed to be as universal as possible: it allows communication with the main fieldbuses on the market (Profibus, DeviceNet, Ethernet Modbus-TCP and EtherNet / IP) Industrial process: silo weighing, batch metering, packing (sinking, bagging), loading flow control or unloading, check weigher, dynamic weighing and dosing, circuit breaker.

The I410 is based on the same fundamentals that have already made the success of the I400 range: modular architecture, and high-level metrological performance.


Both an automated and a weighing system designed to integrate with all industrial processes, the new i410 indicator reconciles the fundamentals established by its predecessor and various evolutions that make it a more intuitive and comprehensive tool.

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