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Printronix UMF SL4M RFID Printer
Friday, February 1, 2008Description :
A Gen 2 and ISO compatible economic RFID encoding solution for distribution and industry companies.

Printronix Inc., the leading integrated manufacturer of supply chain printing solutions, has expanded its portfolio of SmartLine (SL) printers with the launch of the SL4M. The SL4M is the industry's first mid-range RFID printer designed for ultra-high frequency (UHF) Gen 2 RFID applications.

"For large retailers and large distribution centers around the world, the SL4M is the most cost-effective RFID solution, thanks to its patented MP2 encoding technology," said Robert Kleist, CEO of Printronix.

"With more UHF RFID installations than any other manufacturer, the Printronix RFID encoding platform has the highest read and encode performance on the market, according to our customers, Being compatible with the widest range of existing RFID "tags" on the market. "

The SL4M allows users to have a wider choice of RFID printers based on their applications and production needs. There is also an RFID Ready version, an RFID-ready thermal printer that can be upgraded on site without the need for a factory return.

The SL4M can integrate seamlessly into virtually any barcode environment and support six printing languages ??and direct XML printing for 203 or 305 dpi resolution. Its graphical interface, absolutely unique, user-friendly and icon-based, makes it easy to configure and install.

The product, which offers up to twice as much memory as other products in its class, has 32MB of RAM and 8MB of Flash memory, enabling faster processing and storage of labels. Its metallic design makes it a product that is immediately recognizable as a Printronix brand, with intrinsic qualities, reliability and performance to execute critical mission applications.

With the widest range of Gen 2 UHF tags supported and superior encoding performance, the advanced tags calibration feature offered by the SL4M allows users to try new tags and "inlays" and Reduce the risk of malfunction in case of non-standard positioning of the tags.

"When Printronix launched the UHF multi-protocol RFID printer on the market with the SL series, we offered our customers and partners the opportunity to take advantage of RFID printing solutions that reduced the RFID, "said Brad Jarvis, Director of Product Marketing at Printronix.

"Today, Printronix becomes the first manufacturer to offer the compatibility of certified Gen 2 hardware with interoperable labels across the entire range of office RFID printers and automated printers / applicators."

With the SL4M, Printronix once again sets the tone for the market by offering solutions that eliminate barriers to RFID adoption and lower operating costs. Throughout the world, operations will be able to standardize on interoperability specifications for applications ranging from high-speed automation to cost-effective encoding in any environment.

The patented MP4 encoding technology of the SL4M consists of three unique components that meet performance standards:

- EPCglobal certified encoders - This comprehensive platform, developed by Printronix, guarantees the reliability and performance of the encoder in a production environment.

- A multi-position coupler - Unlike an antenna, the patented Printronix coupler isolates and directly reads each tag, while its different positions allow it to position itself ideally for Gen 2 tags that do not emit a uniformly distributed RF field.

- RF Printer Software - Based on the unparalleled practical experience of Printronix in the implementation of EPC UHF, the software connects the printer, coupler and encoder to each other so that all three Work together to ensure the best performance with the widest possible range of Gen 2 tags.

With the SL4M, customers will benefit from 10/100 Base-T internal Ethernet connectivity, as well as remote PrintNet management and control, as standard with the printer. The SL4M also includes support for Unicode and TrueType fonts, making it compatible with the printing needs of every country in the world.

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