Prix ??du innovation Préventica 2016 for the new Tychem® ThermoPro by DuPont de Nemours

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Prix ??du innovation Préventica 2016 for the new Tychem® ThermoPro by DuPont de Nemours
Friday, July 29, 2016Description :
Preventica, the show dedicated to innovations in the prevention and control of occupational risks, has rewarded the best innovations in various categories. A total of 14 winners, including DuPont de Nemours, received a distinction at the 2016 fair in Lille. The jury, made up of industrialists, associations, journalists from the specialized press, won the most innovative products of the year.
In the "Personal Protective Equipment" category, the Tychem® ThermoPro single-layered protective garment, created by the DuPont Protection Solutions division, won the Preventica 2016 innovation award. Designed for employees confronted with multiple For example, the chemical industry and emergency response services exposed to chemical hazards with instantaneous fire hazard, Tychem® ThermoPro combines the Proven technologies of Tychem® and Nomex® from DuPont de Nemours.

The Tychem® component forms a chemical barrier that allows Tychem® ThermoPro to withstand at least 8 hours of exposure to a wide range of toxic chemicals. Around the world, firefighting services rely on Nomex® flame-retardant fibers, the second component of Tychem® ThermoPro. Not only does Nomex® provide additional seconds that can be critical to escape instant fires, it also provides Tychem® ThermoPro protection against the risk of electrical arcs from live systems.

"Until now, employees facing multiple hazards have had to choose between chemical protection and flame protection or wearing multiple protection combinations that limit freedom of movement," explains Chloé Caux-Wetherell, leader of New Products For the EMEA region for the DuPont Protection Solutions division. "The new Tychem® ThermoPro garment offers protection from spills of liquid chemicals, instantaneous fires and electric arcs, but has only one layer to offer greater freedom of movement and comfort, use. "

Tychem® ThermoPro has passed tests of permeation resistance against more than 240 chemicals, of which 175 have not resulted in any breaks after 480 minutes. This test battery also demonstrated that Tychem® ThermoPro provides a protective barrier for at least 8 hours compared to 19 of the 21 chemicals listed in ASTM F1001.

The improved thermal protection offered by Tychem® ThermoPro garments is clearly revealed by simulated flash tests on the THERMO-MAN® mannequin connected to thermal measurement instruments. This tool created by DuPont de Nemours is a dummy equipped with 122 thermal sensors intended to predict the intensity, the extent and the location of potential burns of the clothes by simulations of exposure to the flames. THERMO-MAN® tests show that Tychem® ThermoPro does not continue to burn after being exposed to flames - but maintains a protective barrier, which achieves a maximum score of 8% injury Bodily injury.

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