Ring bolts, stainless steel, revolving high-strength


Ring bolts, stainless steel, revolving high-strength
Description :

In contrast to DIN 580 ring bolts, the ring is pivot mounted, therefore the direction of force is adjustable and unintended under or over tightening is precluded.

- 4x safety factor

- Ring body 360° rotatable with tightened screw

The nominal load capacity is visibly indicated on the ring bolt. This applies to the most unfavourable load rating (see table). The test load is 2.5 times the maximum permissible load. The specified WLL should not be exceeded.

With captive but removable hex socket screw bolt. The ring bolts are DGUV-approved.

The ring bolts contain a digital RFID chip with an embedded certificate for serial traceability.


Ring stainless steel 1.4462.
Screw stainless steel 1.4462.

Ring is forged and high-strength tempered.
100% electromagnetic crack testing per EN 1677-1, 4x safety factor.

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