Robotics Design ANATERGOARM AEA-15 toolholder for the mapping of objects in tight spaces

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Robotics Design ANATERGOARM AEA-15 toolholder for the mapping of objects in tight spaces
Saturday, December 8, 2012Description :
The ANATERGOARM AEA-15 is a modular ergonomic arm, made of anodized aluminum. It is a safe and comfortable tool holder for positioning and using a wide variety of pneumatic, electrical and hydraulic tools. For repetitive stains, or heavy tools must be handled, especially in restrictive locations, this arm is a unique solution to increase the efficiency and safety of workers.

The ANATERGOARM is composed of a vertical column for the base, connected to a series of modules forming the arm (s), and which bend to cover a large area.

At the push of a button, operators can move the ANATERGOARM vertically and effortlessly, as well as all the accessories that are installed, while the horizontal movements are easily carried out by the wrist. The automatic brake which is provided with the vertical arm stops it and keeps it in position as soon as the button is released. The base of the robot contains a counterweight that balances the arm according to the load it carries which cancels out the effect of gravity and ensures the arm a movement with less friction.

The modular design of the ANATERGOARM has been designed to simulate the movements of human biomechanics, and its hyper-redundant capability allows it to avoid obstacles in an exceptional way. It increases the efficiency and productivity of workers performing repetitive tasks or working in confined spaces. Also, the effortless movements of ANATERGOARM ™ help prevent injuries due to repetitive movements in workplaces and minimize fatigue and accidents.

The length of the ANATERGOARM arm can be adjusted by adding or removing modules. An optional extension can be added to allow the user to rotate the tool holder from 90 ° to 180 °. The arm can be mounted on a column or attached in the air using our robust support system designed for durable use.


- Deburring deburring, duct nut;

- Burnishing & varnishing;

- Insertion of helicoids;

- Drilling, screwing, molding / grinding, flaring;

- Handling and repairs of objects in confined spaces;

- Interview.

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