RS Components distributes new solutions for industrial motion control

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RS Components distributes new solutions for industrial motion control
Monday, July 4, 2016Description :
Simple solutions and spare parts for maintenance and upgrading give maintenance engineers the ability to keep the conveyor systems in working order well beyond the guaranteed minimum lifetime

RS Components (RS), distributes a range of products and solutions for companies with systems requiring the equipment and maintenance of motion control applications, such as conveyors, used in a variety of industries including automotive, Packaging, manufacturing and production, or in the chemical or agri-food sectors.

Budgetary constraints are an increasingly important factor and many companies can not afford the purchase of state-of-the-art new systems. Most often they have to solve problems on aging conveyor systems to keep them in working order and make fundamental decisions regarding maintenance and partial system upgrades.

Maintenance of conveyor systems is essential to extend the life of these expensive industrial systems beyond the manufacturer's warranty, safely and cost-effectively. RS offers a series of tricks to maintain these systems while minimizing downtime: use maintenance engineers to perform minor repairs before they become so large that the quality of manufactured products is degraded and That downtime becomes too expensive, have in stock essential parts obsolete or whose delivery times are very long, and establish a procedure of preventive maintenance with regular audits of the system and documented to minimize the accidental breakdowns.

According to Heiko Luckhaupt, Marketing Manager at RS: "Ideally, the latest state-of-the-art technology would be within the reach of manufacturers to enable them to manufacture, process or package products and materials to the highest specifications. However, most of the time, the technology put in place is perfectly sufficient to perform what is expected of it, and there is rarely an additional budget for consequent upgrades. In most cases, the best decision is to keep existing systems and continue to operate them for as long as possible. "

RS offers a number of options from leading suppliers (and also from the RS Pro range) to provide maintenance solutions for mechanical parts such as bearings, belts, pulleys, couplings, gears, seals Seals, shock absorbers and ball bearings, as well as pneumatic components such as adapters, couplings and couplers. Many maintenance options for electrical components, motors, drives, sensors, sirens, beacons, switches, cables, connectors and push buttons are also available. In addition, a range of ancillary equipment includes: tools, safety signs, first-aid equipment, personal protective equipment, lubricants and aerosols.

The components offered come not only from the RS Pro range, RS's own brand, but also from leading manufacturers such as ABB, Eaton, Schneider Electric and Siemens. Siemens 1FK7 synchronous servomotors, for example, can be used in a wide range of applications, including the control of machine tools, robots and handling systems, packaging systems and material processing machines. Spare parts available include SKF and IGUS ball bearings and ball bearings, DC motors, controllers and Faulhaber devices. SMC and Parker essential pneumatic and hydraulic components are also available, along with Contitech, Bosch Rexroth and Interroll conveyor belts and conveyor rollers.

Overall, a wide range of solutions and options are now available from RS to assist panel builders, machine builders and maintenance engineers working in engine control applications, maintain their conveyor systems and Better production efficiency and extended system life.

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