Scale lift model, Yale reduces operator fatigue

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Scale lift model, Yale reduces operator fatigue
Thursday, September 5, 2013Description :
Yale adds an ergonomic scissor lift model to its series of MO ground control handlers

Yale has just launched a fourth model of order pickers in its MO series. This new scissor lift model offers operators considerable advantages in terms of collection and ergonomics.

The scissor mechanism fitted to the MO20P will help reduce the difficulty for operators who collect heavy or bulky cases at heights up to 690 mm. Operators handling double Europallets will feel a clear sense of well-being because they will not have to bend or stretch constantly.

Advantages in ergonomics and comfort

In common on all MO Yale series ground control trolleys, there is the easy-to-use scooter control that is handled with the fingertips and has an electric steering. It allows the operator to remain within the limits of the trolley: the painfulness is reduced and it is thus better protected.

A large open platform, therefore very accessible, allows operators to easily cross the trolley to collect from both sides, without having to go around the trolley or pallet, if necessary, to access the loads of both Sides of the driveway.

The whole floor of the platform serves as a presence detector. This allows the operator to drive the trolley in any standing position that is most comfortable. A pleasant touch to the back and a deck pad that absorbs shocks also contribute to the operator's well-being.

The side mounted controls can replace those in the driving compartment. They allow the operator to walk along the pallet when the crates are on adjacent docks, thus reducing the number of stops, restarts, lifts and descent that the operator must perform. Thus, the pain is less severe and productivity is increased.

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