Schmalz FMP / FXP vacuum surface gripping system

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Schmalz FMP / FXP vacuum surface gripping system
Saturday, June 22, 2013Description :
The new FMP / FXP surface gripper system from J. Schmalz GmbH is 86% more gripping force than its competitors, with greater flexibility and energy efficiency. The new series ensures better handling during automated processes and, in 2013, it will be the third generation of grippers to be launched on the market.

The first generation FM / FX, which dates back to 2001, was the result of consultations on palletizing in the field of packaging and handling raw sawboards in the wood and joinery sector. During the development of the product, the idea crystallized to develop a universal suction cup capable of adapting to all requirements.

In 2006, the second generation FMC / FXC was born; It was possible for the first time to integrate therein an extruded aluminum profile by means of which different lengths of grippers could be realized. Today, a new generation of grippers is launched.

"The new FMP / FXP surface gripping system makes it easy to handle parts made of materials as diverse as wood, sheet, glass, cardboard or plastic, regardless of their geometry, surface and dimensions. In case of an imprecise position, a grip is possible, "says Peter Gröning, Business Development Manager for Vacuum Grippers at Schmalz. It guarantees safe handling during the process, from porous to slotted parts.

The system is particularly suited to the wood and carpentry sector and allows the handling of plywood or sawdust such as boards, beams or panels. The new generation FMP / FXP also has advantages in packaging processes and is perfectly suited for automated palletizing / depalletizing cartons, films or packaging bags or sealed packaging products.

In order to optimize the flow, Schmalz equipped the suction system with a special slide and ball-point sensors without leakage. A comparison with the best products developed by the competitors clearly highlights its performance: the FMP produces on average 86% more suction force on the raw saw parts and 87% more suction force on the parts With smooth surface. "For the operator, this means safe handling during porous work processes, improved energy efficiency and economical system design," says Gröning.

The FMP surface suction cup with external vacuum connection is optionally available with a suction cup surface incorporating a bellows suction cup insert or a high flexibility sealing foam. New: the optimized adhesive sheet with which the sealing foam is attached to the ball module. In case of wear, the sealing foam can be removed without leaving any trace. As a large cleaning of the sheet is no longer necessary, the time required to change the foam is actually reduced by 90%.

Innovative valve leaf allows rapid change of valve type and size. Thus, the suction cup system can adapt easily and quickly to new requirements. Even ball probes can be mounted and disassembled easily and afterwards. This guarantees the operator maximum flexibility for a minimum cost. The body of the surface suction pads consists of an extruded, one-chamber extruded aluminum profile, optimized and tested. Side grooved rods serve to fix the workpiece recognition sensors and optimize cycle times.

The aforementioned slide for optimizing flows creates improved energy efficiency, accelerated evacuation of the vacuum and increased leakage compensation for porous parts. This makes it possible to shorten the handling times.

The FMP / FXP surface suction pads feature superior gripping force and improved fault tolerance due to unbuffered ball point sensors and a foam grid with increased suction cell thickness.

Schmalz has also attached great importance to increased ergonomics of maintenance and service. Thus, for example, the change of the seals via the single chamber profile has disappeared and the change of equipment for a flow technology is possible at any time when new handling requirements arise.

In addition, the weight of the suction cup system has been reduced by 25% and this, coupled with the use of smaller robotic units, leads to faster damping of the system as a whole. This reduction in weight also makes it possible to shorten cycle times and to speed up production processes.

At Schmalz, these are efficient, which lowers our delivery time. The series of grippers consists of a modular system which allows to integrate almost all the variants to the assembly lines and thus to satisfy without delay the requirements of the customers.

The surface gripping system has demonstrated its strengths in tough practical tests. Schmalz carried out a comparison of the new foam sealant with the best foams of the competition as well as a traditional polyurethane foam. Result: the wear limits of these foams were reached after 200 000 and 800 000 cycles respectively.

Schmalz's waterproofing foam has lasted more than two million cycles. "This guarantees increased availability by minimizing maintenance and downtime, and therefore faster depreciation," says Peter Gröning.

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