The new MR Yale retractable reach truck pushes the limits of productivity

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The new MR Yale retractable reach truck pushes the limits of productivity
Friday, October 11, 2013Description :
Good News for Warehouse Operators: The new MR Yale retractable reach truck pushes the boundaries of productivity and reliability to new heights while increasing operating costs to the absolute minimum.

Entirely redesigned by one of the most respected manufacturers of handling equipment in the industry, the new MR Yale trolley redefines the standards that warehouse managers and operators can expect today from a trolley With a retractable mast that is both very productive and pleasing to the eye.

By design, the new MR is robust; It delivers exceptional levels of comfort, is intuitively driven and has first-class performance characteristics, to the utmost satisfaction of park managers and operators.

It will initially be available in load capacity of 1.4, 1.6, 2.0 and 2.5 tonnes. Knowing that logistics companies and warehouse operators are demanding increasing lifting heights, the 2.5 ton model was designed to lift a load of 1.0 tons to a height of 12.5 Meters.

After more than 55,000 hours of product development - including real-world tasks in the most demanding user warehouses in the world and a rigorous testing cycle of more than one million operations - it can be said that New MR reach truck does not look like any other truck on the market. Equipped with a new chassis, new mast model, new operator compartment and new control systems, the new MR series sets a standard on which others will find it hard to line up.

The exceptional maximum travel speed of this new truck (14 km / h) and its lifting speed of 0.8 m / s, unbeatable maneuverability and ease of use will allow users to achieve stunning productivity: cycles Tests show that the new MR can deposit and collect more loads per hour than the operators of its main rivals.

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