Training for firefighting and industrial hazards

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Training for firefighting and industrial hazards
Saturday, August 20, 2016Description :
From September 25 to 29, 2016, Williams Fire & Hazard Control ( "Williams") will be hosting a new edition of the "XTREME Industrial Fire & Hazard Training School" GESIP fire fighting in Vernon (Eure). Participants in this five-day course will benefit from the extensive experience of the Williams team, which has successfully fought over 200 flammable liquid fires in the industry over the past 34 years.
The training was designed to provide a practical and extensive learning experience for those involved in operational firefighting operations in land, oil, gas and gas facilities. This course is also intended for emergency responders and HSE managers. Participants will study the latest technologies and fire behaviors using real case studies and will be able to tackle real pressure fires, hydrocarbons and raised tanks.
The entire practical course, which includes exercises with real fires, is planned for those directly involved in an operational role such as firefighters and municipal fire-fighting services. The theoretical part can be very useful for engineers, who set specifications, security consultants, in-house security specialists, fire chiefs and CEOs.

In addition to learning the fire behavior and strategies used by experienced industry experts, participants will also be able to access hands-on training with the latest innovations from Williams, including the impressive Ambassador 2X6 Gun Trailer, A liquid with a flow rate of 2000 and 6000 LPM (liters per minute). Williams is the only company in the world that responds to emergencies with its own equipment and specially developed foam that goes far beyond industry standards. Consequently, the participants will be able to observe the results of the chemical reaction of the foam, which they will have studied beforehand.
Chauncey Naylor, Director of Training and Emergency Response Operations at Williams explains: "In the face of fires in oil, gas and gas facilities, we learned that the experience The difference and this course is the ideal opportunity to acquire this know-how within a safe environment. Everything we do is based on in-depth knowledge, whether it's designing new products, designing a methodology or developing a new foam. "
In addition to learning from the best experts in the sector, participants will also be able to discuss best practices and scenarios with their colleagues. A participant in a previous training demonstrates: "This course has provided me with excellent training that applies perfectly to my work. I was very impressed by all the content and the knowledge of the instructors, who did not hesitate to go into detail and deepen as soon as I asked them a question. "

The course will include practical training on real fires and theoretical learning. All students must have a good level of oral and written comprehension of the language.

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