TRILUX X-Range of extremely resistant waterproof luminaires

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TRILUX X-Range of extremely resistant waterproof luminaires
Sunday, July 3, 2016Description :
TRILUX - the leader in technical lighting - offers lighting solutions designed for extreme challenges under its X-Range range. As well as performing well in the heat and in the cold, X-Range luminaires also have protection indicators allowing them to cope with shocks, vibrations, dirt, dust, Water while guaranteeing optimal lighting.

TRILUX's X-Range range covers almost all industrial applications, from agriculture and animal husbandry to food production and indoor car parks. The unmistakable star of the range: Nextrema LED G3, which controls temperature ranges between -30 ° C and + 35 ° C and operates over 85 000 hours for an efficiency up to 150 lm / W. The new model Olexeon LED allows for a very economical renovation. Finally, the Duroxo LED luminaire is ideal for energy-efficient lighting in the agriculture and livestock sector. The X-Range range is also easily identifiable thanks to the letter "X", which is in the name of all its products. Overview.

Nextrema LED G3, waterproof and rugged luminaire for extreme situations
Nextrema LED G3, the 3rd generation of TRILUX waterproof luminaire, is the specialist in industrial environments. Whether in cold rooms, food production, logistics halls, washing stations or indoor car parks, Nextrema LED G3 delivers a pleasantly homogeneous light without dazzling and saves energy while guaranteeing A permanent operating state.
Indeed, this waterproof LED light fixture, with its high-end finish and its very robust die-cast aluminum body, can withstand moisture, dust, shocks, shocks and even extreme temperature variations (- 30 ° C to +35 ° C), while providing pleasant, homogeneous, anti-glare and particularly eco-energetic lighting (150 lm / W maximum). Nextrema LED G3 convinces with its exceptionally long lifetime of 85,000 hours.
This value, which corresponds to about 9.7 years in a work in three-eight, remains valid even for a high average ambient temperature of +35 ° C. Thanks to its compact size of one meter, the Wieland quick-connect system, the clips and the mounting template, the Nextrema G3 LED is fast, simple and without risk of reversal. Throughout its lifetime, the luminaire requires no technical maintenance and is extremely reliable and efficient.

Olexeon LED, quality does not depend on price
The new Olexeon LED luminaire provides efficient functionality at an economical price, while having a seductive appearance, making it an optimal solution for wet rooms. Since the entire Olexeon series is HACCP compliant, it is suitable for use in the food industry. The body of the luminaire is made of fiberglass reinforced polyester resin, which is particularly resistant and hardly flammable. And its modern form without closures also convinces on the aesthetic level.

With a luminous efficiency of up to 123 lm / W, investment costs are amortized in a very short time, facilitating the transition from conventional technology to LED technology. This state-of-the-art technology offers additional savings potential. And thanks to its variable fastening distance and the Stucchi quick coupling system, the exchange is very fast and simple.

The new Olexeon LED luminaire is compatible with common systems in the event of a renovation where its variable fixing system facilitates installation as well as its As standard. With the key: a considerable time saving compared to the installation of conventional solutions.

Duroxo LED, a gas-tight LED light
Eco-energetic, efficient and reliable, Duroxo LED is absolutely gas-tight, as well as cold and heat. It is therefore perfectly adapted to corrosive atmospheres such as intensive farming and is resistant to gases such as ammonia (which can attack the phosphor coating of LEDs, leading to their early degradation). Thanks to its robust PMMA housing, Duroxo LED also resists cleaning with aggressive chemicals and at ambient temperatures between -25 ° and + 35 ° C. This luminaire has IP69K protection and high impact resistance (IK 10). Throughout their lifetime of 50,000 hours, the LEDs of Duroxo LED have optimal protection against a drop in luminous flux. This luminaire also meets the rigorous standards of food production in both IFS and BRC certified companies. Its 360 degree adjustment makes this luminaire extremely flexible.

X-Range, a range that meets the requirements of quality and regulation
Particularly stringent hygiene and safety standards apply wherever food products are manufactured, processed or stored ... and they also apply to lighting. Optics and housings must be made of unbreakable material and be easy to clean. Since TRILUX lighting solutions for the food industry comply with HACCP guidelines, they can be used in IFS and BRC companies. As part of its commitment to quality, all TRILUX luminaires suitable for use in the food industry are awarded the TRILUX label for the most stringent product standards for use in difficult conditions such as food production and logistics .

In order to guarantee quality products in compliance with current regulations, TRILUX combines its research and development expertise into its own ITZ innovation and technology center, where several testing laboratories are located. During the development of a new product, TRILUX regularly performs measurements and tests to ensure that the luminaires comply with legal requirements. As part of its "Design Validation Plan", TRILUX performs 12 EMC tests where harmonics are measured and electro magnetic immunity tests are performed.
In the course of 20 other tests, TRILUX tests the safety risks of the luminaires: heating, protection against electric shock, mechanical resistance to shock or resistance to splashing water and dust. Another point carefully considered: the lighting technique. TRILUX controls the luminous flux, the light distribution, the color rendering or the energy efficiency of the products and even verifies the acoustic characteristics of the luminaires. The tests take about two months for a total of about 50 tests, which allows TRILUX to guarantee not only the good quality of the luminaires but also the respect of all safety requirements for each product and its intrinsic characteristics.

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