Triple Active Gel by Deb and Ansell, a unique skin protection gel

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Triple Active Gel by Deb and Ansell, a unique skin protection gel
Tuesday, July 12, 2016Description :
Deb, the world leader in skin care solutions for professionals, and Ansell, the world leader in protection solutions, launched Triple Active Gel, the world's first skin protection gel to be applied before wearing gloves in the workplace.

About half of the industrial workers wear gloves at work on a regular basis. It is therefore necessary to ensure their protection and comfort. Triple Active Gel combines a physical protection barrier with a patented complex of active defense molecules developed by Deb to offer a gel with "triple active" benefits since it is anti-allergenic, anti-irritant and anti-perspirant.

People wearing gloves face an increasing number of health and comfort challenges, which can affect their productivity and overall performance. If gloves are used to protect hands from external aggressions, the skin may still be exposed to allergic and irritating substances in the working environment. This can cause skin irritation and excessive sweating of the hands which, in addition to causing a sensation of discomfort in the user by softening his skin, can also cause moisture inside the gloves, generating bad Odors that may be unpleasant to the user.

The patented complex of active defense molecules developed by Deb and present in Triple Active Gel encapsulates and absorbs allergens, known to cause skin reactions and allergic dermatitis. In addition, this technology is combined with a physical barrier to help neutralize acidic and alkaline substances that can cause skin irritation and irritating dermatoses. Independent scientific tests have shown that Triple Active Gel reduced skin insensitive water loss by 63% and skin rash by 31%; Both of which are key indicators for measuring skin irritation. This innovative hand care solution also reduces sweating by 50% in professional gloves.

The partnership between Ansell and Deb was announced in May 2015 in a bid to combine their expertise in the market of protection of hands and skin hygiene. About this latest innovation, Steve Genzer, President and CEO of Ansell's Industrial Global Business Unit, said: "We are particularly pleased to be working with Deb to improve skin health and Comfort of the hands of people wearing gloves in an industrial environment. "

"Ansell Triple Active Gel is a real skin protection innovation for professionals and has been specially designed with Deb Stoko technology for personnel wearing mechanical and chemical protective gloves or disposable gloves of any type Professional environment. "Adds Paul Blount, Group Marketing Director at Deb. "It helps to reduce the risk of contact dermatitis, improve user protection and comfort, allow prolonged wear of gloves and improve the cost-effectiveness of their use. We have observed that the product has received a very good reception among our customers. In my opinion, this is because Triple Active Gel solves a unique combination of problems that are so common in the industry as a whole. "

The Triple Active Gel is available in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany and Austria via a network of partner distributors. Ansell and Deb's sales teams were also trained to provide information and support to distributors and customers. The first customer to adopt this product is BSW Timber, the largest sawmill group in Great Britain. Gary Millen, Head of Health & Safety at BSW Timber, explains: "At BSW Timber we take very seriously the occupational risks faced by our staff and we are delighted that Triple Active Gel has solved this problem Term, affecting our employees. Since we have used Triple Active Gel, we have seen an incredible improvement in the skin condition of employees who suffered from severe skin irritations. In some cases, there has even been a complete elimination of the problem. "

Triple Active Gel is available in the industrial distribution network in France. For more information, we invite you to contact your usual distributor.

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