TYCO FLAMEVision FV400, new triple infrared flame detector

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TYCO FLAMEVision FV400, new triple infrared flame detector
Tuesday, May 5, 2015Description :
Intended for the heavy industrial sector, the latest in the FLAMEVision range is equipped with a triple IR detection and can integrate a video module for immediate warning.
TYCO Fire & Integrated Solutions France (TF & IS), a leading company in the design, installation and maintenance of automatic fire detection and fire suppression systems for all applications and industries, announces the launch Of its new Flame Detector, the FlameVision 400 (FV400).
The FV400 is the result of the combination of the experience acquired by TYCO with the FV300 (from the same series) and the S200 range. It is designed to provide rapid and reliable detection of fires arising from the combustion of hydrocarbons (carbon fires). The detector continuously analyzes energy on three different infrared spectrum waves and, combined with an advanced algorithmic analysis function, ensures excellent immunity to false alarms. Its proven technology allows it to significantly reduce false alarms due to black body radiation.
Intended for heavy industries, the FV400 housing is made of 316L stainless steel and has an IP65 degree of protection to withstand corrosive and dusty environments. It can also be installed in an outdoor environment, and even be subjected to extreme temperatures, due to its total immunity to solar radiation, its integrated heating function eliminating any condensation formation on the optical window, and its operating characteristics Up to -40 ° C to + 80 ° C (model FV411). Thanks to its certification, it can also be installed in zones classified ATEX Gas (zones 1 or 2) to meet the most demanding demands.
Video embedded for the lifting of doubt on the alarm.

One of the important features of the FV400 is the ability to integrate a video camera for immediate warning. This option provides the operator with essential information on the size of the disaster and the evolution of the situation in the event of a proven fire, thus ensuring a particularly useful response reactivity on high risk sites such as off-site platforms -shore, refineries where staff are present in the control room 24 hours a day, and very extensive sites.
The FV400 has an adjustable sensing range at the range and allows to identify a fire up to 65 meters [1], which makes the FlameVision 400 a device perfectly adapted to situations where fast decision-making and reliability Are essential.
The FV400 offers a regular self-test of the electronics and the optical window, thus optimizing maintenance operations and guaranteeing an increased reliability of the system. The Tyco Flame Detector also stands out from standard products on the market by another important feature, which is to supply the detector directly via the communication bus when it is connected to one of the Tyco units. This feature saves mounting time and makes the system even more reliable by the absence of external power supply and additional wiring.
The FV400 has many communication outputs allowing it to communicate with any type of control panel. Indeed, it incorporates various modes of communication including of course Tyco's MZX Technology protocol, but others also very useful as relay outputs, MODBUS protocol or even a 4-20mA output allowing it to interconnect directly to PLCs Industrial sectors.
The FV400 is in the process of being certified NF-SSI to allow an installation in full conformity with the APSAD but also in the course of certification SIL2 (Safety Integrity Level) according to standard IEC EN 61-508 which confers a Increased operational safety. It is already complying with the European Union's Construction Products Regulations (PRC) for all commercialization within Europe.
A key element of the industrial range

Yann Boutin, Marketing Director of TYCO F & IS, said at the launch of the FV400: "TYCO has a long experience of supporting industrialists and protecting their most critical risks. We are therefore very proud of this product which perfectly meets their demands and expectations. It is destined to become a flagship of our range because, in addition to its major technical innovations, it reduces the costs of deployment and maintenance, two important elements for our customers whose sites are complex to equip and very extensive.

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