UVEX HECKEL Uvex Phynomic C3 Cut Protection Glove

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UVEX HECKEL Uvex Phynomic C3 Cut Protection Glove
Monday, May 2, 2016Description :
This new lightweight protective glove has been designed for users who need more protection from cuts. Its coating of aqua-polymer foam, with coating is suitable in dry and slightly moist environments

The range of uvex phynomic gloves is enriched with a version offering a cut resistance of 3: uvex phynomic C3.

The lightweight and comfortable gloves characterize the uvex phynomic range. Uvex has developed a new version for users requiring greater resistance to cuts.

Manufactured in Germany, this glove has all the advantages of the uvex phynomic range in terms of comfort and the total absence of harmful substances. The standard uvex standard, guarantees an excellent skin tolerance, tested and certified dermatologically.

The combination of the high-performance wire and the water-based coating helps to avoid irritation, the skin is never in contact with the coating unlike traditional gloves so the coating is based on solvents.

Uvex phynomic C3 gloves are also suitable for the agri-food sector.

Its extremely fine and robust aqua-polymer coating (water base) guarantees excellent dexterity and excellent adhesion in predominantly dry conditions.

These gloves are washable and have an extended lifespan. Its resistance to abrasion is maximum with level 4 as well as its resistance to tearing.

Main advantages:

Aqua polymer impregnation
Natural touch and superior dry grip
Ideal for dry working environments
Extremely fine, lightweight and flexible
Excellent Breathability
Extended Life

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