Viastore: Optimized milk run system improves material supply to assembly

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Viastore: Optimized milk run system improves material supply to assembly
Monday, January 8, 2018Description :

Viastore’s local business unit in France is currently implementing a new automated mini-load system for international agricultural machine manufacturer CLAAS, at the company’s Le Mans plant some 200 kilometers southwest of Paris. There, 900 employees develop and build about 55 tractors a day. However, confined space and inconsistent processes in logistics and production restricted the company’s ability to grow. ?With the help of viastore intralogistics experts, we aim to optimize our milk run system for assembly supply and increase our production capacities,? says CLAAS project manager Bastien de Marcé. The solution is also expected to free up space and minimize manual operations to ensure better ergonomic conditions for the staff as well as boost efficiency. CLAAS will become faster and more productive – and thus more competitive.

Technically, the solution consists of an automated mini-load system which accommodates nearly 20,000 containers, trays, and cartons of various sizes. These are transported by high-performance viaspeed storage/retrieval systems, which meet the need for flexibility and efficiency in the warehouse due to high dynamic values ??and energy-efficient drive and control technology. viastore integrates all processes and control functions into SAP WM, which provides a high degree of investment security and future viability thanks to the system’s upgradeability. ?viastore has already successfully planned and implemented automated storage systems at two of our German locations in Harsewinkel and Paderborn,? adds Bastien de Marcé. The expertise and experience of the intralogistics specialists demonstrated in these projects were decisive for this most recent collaboration. Completion of the new system is scheduled for mid-2018.

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