Videojet 9550 Label Printing and Labeling System

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Videojet 9550 Label Printing and Labeling System
Monday, May 12, 2014Description :
The highly innovative design of this new printer eliminates the many mechanisms that are often the cause of many operational problems: label jamming, adjustments and mechanical adjustments.

The Videojet 9550 can directly apply labels to packages without the need for a telescopic applicator or blower applicator with the Direct Apply system for a maximum output of 150 packages per minute for standard 10x15 cm code labels -bars GS1.

Featuring Intelligent Motion ™ technology, the Videojet 9550 system automatically and accurately controls all parts of the printer. The labels are applied very precisely, both with regard to positioning and speed of application, without requiring manual adjustment, clutch or pinch rollers. Simple, the paper path also allows you to quickly replace labels and ribbon.

Not only does the Videojet 9550 label printing system eliminate downtime, which is a real beacon for manufacturers, it is also equipped with Intelligent Motion ™ technology and a ribbonless drive system. Clutch, for precise positioning of the ribbon and precise control of the print head. This ensures optimum print quality and increased performance while dramatically reducing tape waste and extending the life of the printheads.

This new label printing and labeling system for packaging and packages is equipped with Videojet's CLARiTY ™ touch screen interface, which allows intuitive job selection and full performance feedback and diagnostic functions Aimed at reducing the risk of human error. The printer has only one easy-to-use interface and includes Code Assurance solutions that ensure that the correct label is applied to the correct packaging every time.

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