Zero risk with Brady's conviction / consignment

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Zero risk with Brady's conviction / consignment
Tuesday, July 19, 2016Description :
Sentence / consignment can save lives when servicing machines on production sites. 15 to 20% of accidents in the workplace can be prevented by conviction / consignment. Therefore, this procedure must be part of any zero-risk program aimed at minimizing accidents at the workplace.

Insulation specific to each machine
In principle, condemnation / logging isolates the electrical supply of the machines during the interventions in order to avoid turning them on too rapidly.

To implement conviction / consignment at the workplace, procedures specific to each machine must list the steps necessary to isolate the energy source from each machine. The drafting of these procedures requires a certain expertise and a thorough knowledge of the principles of condemnation / consignment. Brady Corporation helps companies create to write machine-specific safety procedures based on international best practices.

Easy implementation of procedures
Often disseminated on different sites, the procedures specific to each machine must be evaluated by all the stakeholders. Brady offers the LINK360 ™ software to create, approve, modify, set up, and easily communicate machine-specific lockout / logging procedures.

Once the procedure is approved, LINK360 allows users to upload photos of the machine and its insulation points to on-site energy sources. Once the process is complete, the cloud-based software can print it to be communicated near the machine.

Tools and Devices
In order to actively isolate a machine, in accordance with the procedures approved by the company, a number of locking devices and padlocks are required. A locking / locking device makes it possible to lock each energy source insulation point in the off position, in particular the handles, the buttons, the valves and the levers. A lock locks the device to prevent accidental restart of the machines during maintenance.

Thanks to the machine-specific procedures based on good practices, the software used to create and evaluate them, and the tools required to isolate the energy source of each machine, companies can avoid accidents When working on machinery and optimizing their zero-risk program.

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